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Simple tips to set up a raised bed vegetable garden

vegetable11 How to start growing vegetables in a raised bed garden: This is exactly similar to growing plants in a container, the difference here being the size of the container. In this case, the soil bed needs not to be deep than 12 to 15 inches or 30 to 40 centimeters, since this depth is recommended for most of the plants. traditional-landscape Size of the raised garden bed: As already stated the depth of the garden should not exceed 12 to 15 inches whereas, the length could be of any size depending on the place where the garden is being built. However, the width of the garden should be such that you should easily reach the centre of the garden without stepping on the plants. If you do not want to bend down you can raise the height of the bed up to the desired extent to eliminate the need of bending. It is especially helpful for old people or people with disabilities in sitting down and getting up. Tips-For-Raised-Organic-Garden-Beds-2013 Materials used: A variety of options, such as timber, concrete blocks, retainer/wall paver blocks and stones can be used for building the garden. While using timber be careful to use untreated timber as they are free from toxic substances, which can percolate into the soil and reach into your vegetables. raisedbedsample Ready to use raised bed vegetable gardens and kits are now available in the market that you can install with ease and save time required to build a garden. If you wish to design the garden without solid sides, first you have to begin with a layer of gravel that helps drainage followed by mounding the soil that is desirable to be used. A thick mulch border can work like a good edging to surround your garden. Summary: If you are planning to set up raised bed vegetable garden, here are some simple tips to built a comfortable and stylish vegetable garden.]]>


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