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Simple canvas strips and glue can protect buildings against quakes

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Whatever be the science behind it, the world seems to be frequented with shakes, well evident by the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, which killed nearly 80,000 people — forget about the sporadic quakes leading to damages and death across the world throughout the year.

But, again if the earthquake-prone zones are identified, it is not practically feasible to relocate the million of people residing in such vulnerable areas.

So, the scientists seem to find it wiser to come up with some protective engineering that can defy the violent shakes to a considerable extend. Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University have done something of this sort – yeah, they have come up with ways to strengthen the erect building walls.

No, unlike other inventions, the engineers in this case have kept away from high-tech equipment! The use of simple, low-tech construction process is perhaps the best part about the invention.

All they need to protect a building from an earthquake is — a few strips of canvas and glue! Walls are reinforced with canvas and glue, which is found to be able to withstand twice as much shaking as the other walls.

This provides more time to escape and also lessens danger from injuries from falling bricks in an event of an earthquake.

The best part is that it is within the reach of every man who can’t afford to either relocate or pay those heavy cost or hi-tech earthquake-preventive measures. Amazingly, this new innovative low-tech engineering will cost just an additional 10 percent to current building costs!


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