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Out of the ordinary travel destinations across the globe

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  • Shanghai in China: Shanghai is the hub for economic growth in the entire China and apart from that it also has a rich history that could be explored by the travelers. A fascinating history waits in Shanghai and that is why it has been climbing up the charts of destinations that are becoming popular.
  • Sri Lanka: The island of Sri Lanka is considered more as a fly over destination for most of the travelers. The history of civil agitation has had a huge impact on the tourist department of this country. But the situation has definitely changed and it has been four years since there has been no such unrest in the country which is a wonderful thing for the tourists as now they are planning their trip to Sri Lanka.
  • Iceland: this island nation has many natural wonders to its account which is definitely a traveler’s paradise. From lava fields to glaciers every thing can be found here. The northern lights display has only increased the interest of the tourists in this destination.
  • Victoria Falls in Zambia: previously most the visitors who wished to visit the Victoria Falls took the route from Zimbabwe but due to the poor political condition there the people are now taking the Zambian route for the Victoria Falls. Zambia is a popular destination for walking safaris and people are beginning to realize the natural beauty they get to witness.
  • Antarctica:  the seventh continent is probably the best destination if you are looking to visit off the radar. The tourism of Antarctica can be followed back to the 1950s. There are some very unique wildlife sightings that can be seen in this region.
These five are among the off beat travel destinations in the world and some more can definitely be added to this list.]]>

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