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Home safety ideas for homes with infants and toddlers

neo_dining_table_gdt-885_210-290x100x75_glass_black_clear__1 Replace Glass Furnishing Your glass table top might have been your pride, but it must go, and so must any other glass furnishing that is likely to come in the way of a crawling infant. As many as 20,000 people, most of them children, are treated for glass furniture related injuries in the emergency rooms every year. This must be indication enough to set your priorities straight. baby-proofing Childproofing Cabinets We store all the toxic cleaning supplies, food, cutlery etc. in cupboards and shelves and inquisitive children are likely to reach into the cabinet while you are not looking. Install baby locks in cabinets where products that are deemed hazardous for children are stored. You can either install a safety latch or lock-and-key set. toddler-stairs-climbing-photo-420x420-ts-AA013115 Corralling Kids from Danger Zones Install window guards, stops, ledges or a combination of these so that the windows can be kept open for ventilation, but children do not stumble out or drop anything. Also, you can set up safety gates at the entrance of the staircase, around the fireplace or room openings where you do not want kids to wander alone. You can also place barriers in the front yard or driveway to keep the kids and their toys from stumbling onto the road. 41vFcw039WL._SX300_ Cover Electrical Outlets Electrical outlets installed at child’s height cannot be removed; however, you can install tamper-resistant outlet covers that can withstand the fidgeting of the most curious toddlers. These are easy-to-install wall plates and have behind-the-face shutters that are designed to stay shut until a grown up inserts an electrical cord. This will offer protection against children poking in their fingers or metal bits into the socket hole while playing. 20120806-ssshowdown-101-mason-jars-600x411 Secure Items That Are Likely to Tip over As far as possible keep all glass and crystal showpieces out-of-reach of children. Televisions, music systems and other electronic products are better placed in positions where the child cannot upset them. Summary Children are naturally inquisitive and it is healthy to encourage it; however, you cannot ignore their safety. Their home is where they are likely to be safest and it is the parent’s responsibility to provide them with that security.]]>


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