Use of social media for psychologists – Is it a good idea?

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The internet is nothing but a boon when it comes to digital marketing and advertising. Not only that; it has helped create plenty of careers while lending a helping hand to almost all others. We all know the strong impact of social media on the healthcare sector. Social media for psychologists and other professionals in ways one cannot even imagine.

Use of social media for psychologists – Is it a good idea?

What are the effects of social media?

effects of social media?Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are all social media designed for the sole purpose of connecting one person to a large group of a people. The effects of online marketing through social media are such; that it is embedded into the minds of the people. In addition to that, it stays there for longer than you can imagine.

Common people use social media to stay in touch with their old friends and make new ones. Businessmen use for advertising and influencers use it for affiliate marketing. In the same way, professionals like business owners or start-ups use social media to create awareness about their products and services. It also helps them to address their target audiences.

How is social media for psychologists useful?

online presenceAs a psychologist, you can create an online presence on Facebook by having a professional page in the name of the services you offer. You can even sign up for a Twitter and Instagram business account; with a relevant handler along the same lines.

Now use these pages to speak of your qualifications and talk about how people can use them and benefit from them. Healthcare and social media go hand in hand. You can use pictures, posts, videos, and live sessions too to promote your services. Some of the methods you can use are as follows:

  • Speak less about how you, an individual, can benefit the masses. Instead, speak more about how having a psychologist, in general, can influence a person’s life for the better.
  • Using social media to market your counseling related services needs to be done smartly. Do it without coming across as salesy.
  • Put up relevant posts speaking about the importance of psychologists. Talk about how buying one’s services are bound to improve the quality of one’s life.
  • Educate your followers about how the world sees the profession and support it with some present statistics and facts. This way, you can encourage people to buy your services and help them to make an informed decision. It also gives them the support that they need to come out of their shell.
  • Ask your clients to leave reviews on your social media business pages. Your followers will come across them and are sure to contact you if they ever need a psychologist. This is one of the most underrated advantages of using social media for psychologists.
  • People begin to relate to other people with the same problems as themselves. When they virtually see you helping such individuals, they have a good reason to believe you can help them too. Then it is only a matter of time before they connect with you in the real world too.
  • When you come across unusual cases in your career that you have been of great help to, speak about them. Tell your online followers about it, but in a brief and generic way. Keeping your client’s identity a secret is part of your job. This will help you to you draw more clients with similar interests to avail your services. It is also one of the best ways of using social media to market your counseling related

What are the hidden benefits of sporting an online presence?

brand name

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Creating a good brand presence on social media for psychologists has indescribable advantages. When you ask your followers to leave you reviews and messages online; it automatically creates a drive for your followers to believe it too. If you are good at what you do, you will naturally attract more good reviews. This, in turn, will fetch you better prospects and clients who will want to buy your services.

  • Establishing a brand name will set you apart from local and generic practitioners since people are more likely to be attracted to the good
  • Direct your followers to your business website so that they can understand in detail about everything that you offer.
  • Mention your name, qualifications, work experience and office address all on your social media business pages; even include your work hours and emergency contact number. This will be helpful if anyone wants to drop by directly or schedule an appointment with you.
  • Giving out your professional contact details on social media for psychologists like email id and telephone number is necessary too. Entertain calls and emails on your business contact details only and not on your personal number or social media DMs.

How social media bridges the gap between client and customer?

bridges the gap between client and customerAs is common knowledge, the internet is taking over, big time. Be it tutoring, lecturing, marketing or entertainment, the internet has been dominating. Experts predicted that this trend is expected to continue so for many years down the line.

Someone who is looking to meet a psychologist may or may not be aware of their physical presence in their vicinity. Online marketing through social media plays a major role here. Any professional with a well-established online presence has a high chance of attracting clients and customers than the one who doesn’t.

Teenagers, youth, and middle-aged people all use social media like Facebook, Instagram, andTwitter. They do so to keep themselves aware and voice their opinions. An online presence on social media for psychologists is more than enough to garner attention and address your target audience.

What ethics must one follow while on social media?

Keep private information confidentialThe underlying reason for being on social media for psychologists is very important: to market yourself. You are here to make people aware of your services. It also tells them how you can be of help to them. Your basic intention must not be to offer your services via social media or to discuss your clients’ issues.

  • Keep private information confidential. Never disclose your clients’ details online, even if you are doing so anonymously.
  • Don’t merge your private relations or their contacts on your professional handle. Keep your private and professional life separate.
  • Healthcare and social media are two very exclusive and distinct aspects. Therefore, refrain from having clinical discussions with your clients or followers over social media.
  • Never encourage private or casual messaging online. If you seriously wish for your online image to be upheld; divert your followers to your website or office. Ask them to contact you professionally if they intend to avail your services.


Social media for psychologists has plenty of more benefits too. Once you start gaining a good online following, you can even resort to affiliate marketing of relevant products or services. But that is a topic for another day. All said, a professional psychologist is bound to make it big if they use social media correctly to their advantage.

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