Things you need to know before you begin a paid online promotions

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Paid online advertising is a great way to bring traffic to your online portals, which will in-turn, increase your revenue. However, it is a very expensive procedure too especially if you don’t monitor the progress of this process. How can you make sure your paid online promotion is getting your business what it needs?

There are a few jargons we need to understand about paid internet promotion before we take the plunge—

1. Fat Head and Long Trail Keywords

paid-online-promotionsFat head keywords and Long tail keywords are the two major types of keywords used in Search Engine Optimization—SEO. A user who wants general information about a product or service will put in much lesser keywords (Fat head) and acquire a long list for the query opposed to another user who puts in different keywords (Long tail) to look for a desired specific search result. For example- if the search word is “shoes”, then the search result will give numerous options varying from sports shoes to casual and formal shoes— which is a Fat head keyword search process, but if you search for blue Reebok sports shoes for running, then the end results are narrowed down to specific few—this search used Long tail keywords to get the result.

2. Different platforms available for advertising

paid-online-promotionsWhen it comes to promoting your online business, there is a bouquet of platforms available to the client, but they can be further classified into three major categories—

A. Text Advertisements

The most common type of advertisement you will come across on the net will be Text Ads. Every type of Ad platform runs them, Google being the forerunner. Text Ads usually consists of a headline, text regarding the product, services or offers and link to the webpage of the business.

B. Banner Advertisements

paid-online-promotionsBanner Ads came into being in 1994 on the internet. It is almost like the Text Ads, just that it is displayed in the form of a banner. Other than promoting the business of the client, Banner Ads also carry information about how to advertise in that space.

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C. Native Advertisements

Native Ads are advertisements placed within the article or content, it matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Native ads do not distract the content and appear like it. The common types of Native Ads seen fall in these categories— i) In-Feed Ads ii) Search –Ads iii) Recommendation Widgets iv) Promoted Listings. There are generally only two platforms for running Native Ads – the open platform and the closed platform; but rarely do we see a hybrid platform, which is a combination of the two.

3. Track your Progress


If you do not take this crucial step, all the money that goes into online advertisement is simply not being put to a good use! Google Analytics is an absolute must for everyone who intends to track their paid online promotion. It allows you to see the traffic to your website because of the campaign and how long the visitors stay around. Another effective way is to ask visitors to fill out forms while accessing the site, keeping a count on the forms filled out will also help you track the traffic.

4. Create a Landing Page

By rule of basic online advertisement, a visitor should never be re-directed to your homepage and the link that is carried in the ad should take the patron to the desired service or product advertised. Hence, there should be a different landing page for every ad created and it should only direct clients to the desired pages of your website. This advertising tactic is used in blogs too; direct visitors to the featured blogs, not to your main feed. Landing pages make it easy to track visitors.

5. Test and Trial

paid-online-promotionsAs you become an expert in the process of online paid promotions by familiarizing with the strategies and operational process of different platforms, you may use it to improve your presence further by trial and testing techniques. New concepts in marketing can also be employed as the internet is an ever-growing field, the possibilities and strategies for promotions are never-ending.

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