E-mail marketing is still the boss: Here’s how to make it work for you

E-mail marketing
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Despite the importance that social media platforms and social sharing has gained, e-mail marketing is still one of the most trusted and beneficial digital marketing techniques. When you post content in social media platforms, you try to engage a certain target audience who may buy your products.

With e-mail marketing, you can stay in touch with people who have already shown an interest in your business and products. It also gives you an opportunity to send personalized messages to customers on their birthdays and remind them how special they are. Most of the small and big businesses are still using tried and tested email marketing techniques for reaching out to their customers. We take a look at some e-mail marketing tips and tricks.

E-mail marketing can boost your other marketing campaigns

With increase in the number of smartphone sales, it is natural that more users are accessing their e-mails through phone. This has made e-mail marketing relevant and necessary once again. People are now more likely to check out offers and follow links to your blog or website through e-mails. This way the e-mail marketing campaign can connect audience with the other modes of digital marketing.

As competition is increasing, you have to make every possible attempt to connect the different handles of your marketing strategy. E-mail marketing helps in driving leads to the right page of your website. The audience that gets mail from you should also see your Facebook ads. This validates the offers and increases the chances of conversions.

Interesting subject line

Just the offer or discount announcement is not enough to attract your target audience who are always on the go. Make the subject line as catchy as possible to inspire your customers open the mail and follow links provided by you. You may add pictures of products to make the email even more attractive. A simple text mail will not make the customers read the entire content. The trick is to use fewer words yet making the content appealing.

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E-mails are more personal

Gone are the days of bulk mailing. Customers do not like bulk mails, as they are perceived impersonal and slightly insulting, plus they are a near sure shot way of finding your email in the spam filter, or have the customer unsubscribe. Personalized e-mails, however, have a much better chance of gaining the positive attention of your target audience. Personalizing does not mean that you address you customers directly every time you send them an e-mail.

You can also track each customer’s previous buying history and show them something which they would actually buy. For example if someone is fond of a particular brand then show them the latest offerings of that brand available in your ecommerce site. If a buyer has been loyal to your company for a while, then it is perfectly nice to send them personalized mails on their birthday or giving them a special discount saved for loyal customers.

Enhance the look and content

As your audience grows, you will have to send e-mails to a bigger number of clients. This will require more effort. Investing a little more in e-mail marketing can help you send them a more nicely designed copy and get better response. Customers will be disappointed with your e-mails if they do not lead to apt web pages or provide sufficient information. They may mark your mails as spam or unsubscribe to your business newsletter. Always measure the conversion rates and traffic generation rates. This will help you in enhancing the e-mail marketing strategy.

Both big and small businesses are using e-mail marketing strategies to stay connected with their clientele and converting potential customers into buyers. Make sure the content and copy of your business e-mails is of great quality and informative.

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