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Nowadays marketing through social media has gained a lot of importance. However, the question that comes to one’s mind is how and where to begin? It does not make sense to start the marketing on a particular site such as Facebook without proper planning. If you take one wrong step, or make one wrong comment, it might harm your reputation instead of improving it. Let’s take a step by step look at how to start with social media marketing.

1. Think of your overall business goal

First think of your overall business goal, and try to synchronize marketing through social media with your overall business goal. Now decide your marketing goals. Think of how you will go about in order to achieve these goals.

2. Decide on tactics

Once you have decided what you want to achieve through social media, you should consider the tactics you will utilize to reach that goal. Which sites will be most suitable for your business? It is not advisable to use all the social media sites available on the internet. Different site have different environment. Get acquainted with their styles and formats. Decide which will suit your brand more. Choose the sites wisely, and decide how you will utilize them.

3. How much will you spend?

Though these sites are free to use, but still a lot of money and time has to be invested in running a marketing plan on these sites. Work force will be required to successfully run the marketing strategy. Keep aside money for this.

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4. Who should be in charge?

Who will look after the social media marketing? Someone who is adept in engaging with social networks can be made in charge. If you do not find someone in your team, you can make use of social media consultant. There are many tools, which help you in managing social media free of cost. Take help of these tools.

5. Decide on content

Once the team is in place, you will have to think of content to be posted on your site. You should post intelligent and relevant content, which might catch attention of the customers. Your campaign should be catchy and search engine optimized to gain maximum mileage. You can also start some sort of contests to catch audience attention. Try to engage your customers through dialogues. Social media is meant for two-way communication. Do not preach. Instead, try to understand what your customers want.

6. Learn from customer’s feedback

Social media gives you an opportunity to know the pulse of your customers. Analyze the comments and other feedbacks. Try to redress the grievances of your audience if possible. Learn from your mistakes and improve your campaigns.

Marketing through social media requires full time effort. Just opening a profile is not sufficient. Your site should be interesting and engaging, compelling audience to come to it again and again. It should educate customers about your brand.

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