8 sites for finding freelance work in 2018

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Freelancing is such a field where all of us at least once had stepped into searching for job but soon came out due to one or another reasons. But if you haven’t approached it for quite a long time, it is now the time to have a look over it again. Since a couple of years, freelancing has become the most eye- catching field than it was ever before. There are many platforms for finding freelance work in 2018 depending on the talent you posses. It is very common in this financial world and each of us should have more than one income source. Freelancing is a great option for secondary sources of income and online jobs for beginners.

Clients are also benefitted from freelancing as they have the option to search out talents from the global pool of knowledge and are not restricted to their address only. Client may get the right talent to get his work done in the right time and that too at a right place. Freelancing is growing day by day and it is getting hard to choose which jobs to go for starting the freelancing journey. Here is a list of best freelancing websites for finding freelance work in 2018:

Websites for finding freelance work in 2018

  1. Upwork:

    UpworkIn 2013, oDesk and Elance, the two best websites for freelancing came together to bring out the best freelancing website called Upwork. Upwork is not only the most popular freelancing platform but is also the largest one. Its services are provided to more than 1.5 million clients and this numbers is on a rise day by day. Everyone could find a work here.

The massive clients of Upwork is supported by its rising freelancers. It is platform for all sorts of talents such as analytics and data science, tech support, voice talents, video and audio producers, virtual assistants, accountants, sales, coders, writers, designers and web developers. Its services are available to more than 180 countries across the world.

  1. Freelancer:

    freelancerFreelancer is among the world’s best website for freelancing. This platform came into existence in 2009 and has emerged out as the hottest website for freelancing. Clients as well as the professionals love to work on it. The website has more the 15 million users and is the best place for finding out the talent. This platform allows finding freelance work in 2018 in the field of data entry, logo design, graphic designs, accounting, app development, mobile development, writing, SEO analytics, web development and much more. The website charges a 10% fee for convenience from the freelancers. These fees may vary depending on the membership plan and the project.

  2. Guru:

    GuruGuru is another platform to carter the needs of the freelancers as well as the clients. Having more than 1.5 million members, the platform boast for more than a million jobs and 200$ million are paid to the professionals. The platform is meant for finding freelance work in 2018 in the area of marketing and sales, finance and management, admin support, translations and writing, multimedia and art, IT and software and many more. A SafePay system is used by the platform to disburse the payments among its freelancers. 

  1. PeoplePerHour:

    PeoplePerHourPeoplePerHour uses a different way of hiring the freelancers. As most of the platforms like Guru, Freelancer or Upwork allow the pricing of your projects at your own whim, PeoplePerHour allows the professionals as well as the freelancers to set up the price on per hour basis. This technique gives a better control to freelancers over the pricing.

There are two ways of hiring a professional. The first is to choose among the time- tested professionals having a fixed rate who could be hired depending on their availability.

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Another way is to post a job and the professionals will bid as it is done on other platforms. PeoplePerhour is best to go in case you need a top professional without undergoing the entire bidding process. For the professionals, if once their name is made, they need not to bid for other projects as clients will approach to them directly.

  1. Speedlancer:

    SpeedlancerThere is a section of pre- defined tasks on this platform like web research, illustrations, video design, blog post, social media graphical design and much more which promised the delivery of task in just 4 hours. The platform will of course charge a premium for its advanced services.

  1. Fiverr:

    fiverrTo get the work done at the most affordable rates, give a try to Fiverr. Fiverr is platform that provides every gig at a cost of just 5$. The platform is evolving day by day and now the projected are posted which ranges from 5$ to 10000$. It services are so satisfactory that a gig comes in every 5 seconds with total completed projects over 25 million.

  2. TopCoder:

    TopCoderTopCoder s not known to be a freelancing website, rather this platform is crowdsourced where you can bring life to your ideas. TopCoder focuses specially over the development of mobiles. The basic difference between other platforms and TopCoder is that the client will be guided the whole project by an employee of TopCoder whom we call as a co- pilot.

Once your project is put on the TopCoder, it will be converted into challengeable series by the co- pilot. TopCoder provides top most solutions for fulfilling the needs of those searching for job of technical staff augmentation, analytics and algorithms, cognitive solutions, app developments and design and a lot more.

  1. Codeable:

    WordPress is the most trusted and popular website powering more than 25% of the internet today. But the services of WordPress are becoming too complex day by day and are no more suitable for online jobs for beginners. To overcome this problem, Codeable has come up with all the talents that are needed to develop the WordPress website through a single banner. Post the job and wait for a perfect WordPress developer to make it done. Codeable provides you everything you need for a WordPress website.

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