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Ways technology has changed the world of business

As humans, we have literally evolved to a point where we cannot do even a simple task without relying on some form of technology or the other. Indeed, it doesn’t come as a surprise to note that technology has crept into every single aspect of our lives. But can the same be said for our professional lives as well, mainly our businesses? Let’s take a look at how technology has changed the way we conduct business today.

Most businesses today use computerized system to speed up production and increase profits. In addition to this, businesses prefer computers for the storage and organization of large databases, professional and personal schedules and all other important information related to the business.   Businesses also make use of technology to outsource jobs to other countries, even half way across the world. Duties like customer service, technical support, sales and computer programming are often outsourced to employees located overseas. This practice could essentially save these businesses up to 70% of their local hiring costs.

Certain companies have also started using a technology called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to keep track of their goods no matter where they are shipped to in the world. The technology employs microchips that are embedded into each product manufactured by a company. Similar to a barcode, these microchips can store information about where the product travels and how long it takes for it to reach the destination. It has also grown to the point where some businesses have started to use these RFID implants in humans in order to tighten security in highly restricted areas. These chips would be unique for every individual and would be scanned before letting the employee access a particular door or room.   Miniscule duties like account management, ticket booking etc. can now be easily taken care of over the internet, giving a business more time to concentrate on the other aspects of the business. Online sales can also increase a specific product’s demand and boost sales for a business.

Businesses with clean, professional looking and regularly updated websites also tend to attract more customers than those that either do not have websites or don’t maintain their websites properly.   It is also a known fact that several businesses literally depend on the internet to survive. Take into consideration social networks like Facebook and Twitter or websites like HowStuffWorks that literally grew up, developed and still continue to attract millions of online visitors every year. Even small businesses can make use of the internet to start up their marketing. This applies to individuals starting small businesses from home and then marketing them online.   Another way in which technology has changed our business methods is online advertising. Companies like Google can be used to draw more customers to a business by using specific keywords targeted at that business. Opening a web page, one would also be able to see several advertisements on the sides. And adding a business’s advert to these pages can increase the number of potential customers for a business.  


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