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Useful tips for turning your customers into brand ambassador

Turning your social customers into brand ambassador is the new formula for successful marketing in social networking sites. Customers and fans who are loyal to your brand already love your brand and turning them into brand ambassadors means they will recommend your products to their friends, colleagues or communities with zeal and enthusiasm without even charging you anything. However, turning your customers into your brand ambassadors is not an easy job but with the help of the following tips you can do it easily and therefore, benefit your business without making any big investment:

Identifying your super fans

The first way of starting brand advocacy is by converting your customers into advocates and for that it is necessary to find out who are your customers, fans and advocates. Never confuse your fans with advocates because your fans might like or follow you but they may not talk about you or recommend you to others whereas an advocate actively talks about your brand and keeps on recommending it to others. So, the first step is to find out the customers who are helping greatly in popularizing your brand and are also recommending it to their friend circles.


One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is that you can interact with your potential customers directly and can monitor them individually to find out how enthusiastic they are about your brand. In this way, you can pick the fans who have the potentiality to become your brand ambassador.

Bring them inside

If you want to appoint someone as your brand ambassador then make them feel special by bringing them inside your business and giving them sneak peek about your new products and also take their opinions. This will make them feel as a part of your business and therefore, they will be more enthusiastic about your brand and will actively participate in your brand marketing.

Impress them

Impressing your brand ambassador is not a difficult job because you might be surprised to learn how much positive impression a simple ‘thank you’ note can generate among your customers and fans. Delighting them with unexpected remarks, small discounts or even just retweeting their contents will help in starting positive conversations about your products and as a result, will make a good impact on your business.

Make your contents easy to share

Always post contents or updates which your customers or fans will find it easy to share and talk about. Interesting contents and updates will always generate good conversation among your fans and will also allow you to monitor your fans’ activity regarding the popularization of your brand.


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