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Useful steps of Facebook Marketing

With millions of people logging into their Facebook account every day, this social networking site has become a powerful platform for marketing. However, signing up for a professional business in Facebook is not similar to the common setting up process of personal Facebook accounts because if you aim to promote your brand through this site then your account must exhibit a professional image and information. So, here are some simple steps to set up a Facebook page for marketing purpose:

Step 1

While signing up with Facebook, always use a separate email id containing the contact list of your clients instead of your personal e-mail account. In this way, your new Facebook profile can automatically import the contacts of your clients from your email address book and will suggest you to add them in your new Facebook account.

Step 2

While creating your Facebook page, always use either your brand name or a meaningful name that defines your brand because you will not be able to change the name later.

Step 3

Make sure you upload a decent profile picture that defines and promote your brand and also make your avatar look attractive and professional at the same time.

Step 4

The page info plays a significant role in Facebook marketing and so it is necessary for you to make sure that your Facebook page contains all the vital information related to your business. Also, make your info brief and interesting because a lot of people will visit your page everyday and long page info will only get ignored.

Step 5

For a Facebook page intended for marketing, inclusion of applications is obvious but avoid including too much tabs with unnecessary applications as these will make your page crowded and will also confuse the visitors. So, use a limited number of tabs containing the important applications that will help your business to generate new fans and followers.

Step 6

Your landing page should always be so attractive and good-looking that after attracting visitors it can convert them into fans. You can use the FBML application to create some of the most awesome landing pages which will compel your fans to suggest your page to other friends and request them to like it.

Step 7

After creating the Facebook page and building a number of fans, it is your responsibility to keep them updated about every new event or news associated with your business. Always log into the page and maintain a healthy communication link with your fans and followers and use this page to promote your business as much as possible.

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