A study done by the University of Loyola, Maryland shows that appropriate use of colors can get brands 80% more recognition from their buyers. The motto of brand marketing is to create a unique identity for a business. To fulfill this purpose specific design, typography and colors are used. Our minds register colors before it memorizes a specific design or typography. This is why the color used by your brand is of vital importance.


All your buyers will remember you by the colors used in your brand’s logo. If all the brands used same color scheme for their brand logos then we would not be able to differentiate them easily or feel interested in using them. Colors create a lasting impression in our mind and communicate to us about the qualities that a brand stands for.


We associate colors with emotions and qualities. For example, the color blue signifies trust, calm, dependability, tranquility and strength. Brands like Facebook, Dell, HP, IBM and Oral B use the color blue in their logo. By using this color they communicate about their qualities like trustworthiness and dependable. Red is the color of excitement, passion, youthfulness and boldness.


Brands like Coca-Cola, Lays, KFC, Canon and CNN use red as the main color of their logo. Surveys show that people often take buying decisions based on the color of the product packages when they have no other information available regarding the products on display.


Choosing the right colors for the branding and marketing of your campaign is necessary for success. First, you need to determine how you want your consumers to perceive your brand. Choose a specific quality and then find colors, which are associated with that quality. Five of the key brand personalities are Sincerity, Ruggedness, Excitement, Competence and sophistication. With sincerity, some other qualities like honesty, homeliness and cheerfulness are associated.

The colors orange and yellow can project such an image. Every brand personality is connected with more than one quality and these qualities are communicated with the help of different colors. It is necessary for every brand to create a distinct personality and image for itself. By developing brand identity, you will also be able to create a niche for your business.


Colors are vital for the branding and marketing of products and services. Using specific colors related with your brand image is the best way of standing out from the crowd.

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