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Native Advertising : Know the New Marketing Workhorse

If you use the internet; which you in all probability do, you must have come across the term native advertising. This is one of the best tools of digital marketing. It is found to be more effective than the traditional displays and the banner advertisements. As per the reports by Google, the click through rates and the conversion rates of native advertisements is much more when compared to display advertisements.

What is native advertisement?
Native Advertising

To put it in simple words, native advertisement is a content, which looks like an editorial article. With the help of advanced algorithms these native ads are placed next to related content on the web. As per research, it has been found that people find these native ads more appealing than the regular banner ads. It has been found that compared to a traditional banner ad netizens are more likely to share native ads.

How native ads are different from sponsored content?

A sponsored content is created by the brand itself. It has to be created in an engaging tone so that the readers remain hooked to it for a longer time. The success of the sponsored content is measured using brand lift, video and article completion rate etc.

Native advertising on the other hand is a fragment of a larger picture or, in better words, it is a story that has been created to attract the reader’s attention. They give an idea about the brand to the reader.

How to use native advertising effectively?

Native Advertising

The most important thing for the advertiser is to use this tool effectively without creating a negative impact on the reader. Always keep in mind that if one manages to frame the advertisement in a proper manner, then one will definitely generate a positive response. These ads are one of the best ways of promoting your brand and making people aware about your product. One of the most important things that the advertiser has to keep in mind that the content they write is relevant to the brand that they want to promote. Next, the choice of a platform that supports the ad is important. Like one can make use of the Buzzfeed’s platform if you are aiming at readers who are not looking for a hard hitting news. One has to remember that native advertising also has to be a good piece of journalism. For example if you want to promote a show which takes up issues related to atrocities on women then you must make sure that the content of your native ad also pens down these issues in a very effective way.

Does native advertising has any negative points?

One of the biggest drawbacks is that it can make the reader feel cheated. This can go in the negative way for the brand. Obviously, a person might feel frustrated if he starts reading an article in order to find some relevant information and then realize that it is not an article, but a piece of advertisement. There have been instances when people have clicked on the native advertisement thinking that it is an informative article and have been directed to slide shows or advertisements. One has to keep in mind that native ad is just an ad and it needs to be marked that way. There have been cases where native ads have boomeranged on the brand.

The key to successful native advertising is to create good content and not to try and trick the customers. With an estimate that by 2021 native advertising will account for 74% of total display ad revenues advertisers have to concentrate on it. Advertisers must focus on quality content and adding it in relevant news.


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