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How uninterested people can try on networking

If you feel least interested to network with other people even though you know you should do it or have to do it, there is a need to try out some interesting networking strategies. Some people have personalities that make them uninvolved in networking, while others simply do not like it. This might happen because networking makes them uncomfortable or does not provide them anything enjoyable. If you too feel the same at times, try out the following networking strategies that can make networking events fun for you.

Rescue someone else

Similar to you, there would always be someone or the other present at a networking event without any interest. You might find such people sitting in a corner or standing at the side. Such people would really be appreciable if you go and speak to them. It fulfills their need to gain comfort in such a situation. Additionally, you would find someone who is willing to talk. It can be like making your own group. You may also invite others around to join the new gang of yours. It helps you reflect yourself as a connector in front of other people.

Do not think much about talking

You may start conversation with your new friend by knowing about him/her. Complement them, mention about the surroundings, or just share about the mutual feeling of attending the event. It would let them talk to you. Then, you should listen more and leave the rest for later. Do not think about what to talk. Your conversation will flow on naturally.

Be relaxed

You should just try to be yourself as this is supposed to be a plain conversation. Do not focus on selling something or impressing your new friend. If they feel comfortable talking, business can follow later when they develop trust in you. You should just develop a relationship by knowing each other so the required trust can develop. People usually buy from those they like and know.

Avoid superficial group conversations

It is better to know a few people well rather than knowing everybody superficially. Thus, try to avoid meeting everyone, as it would not fetch you positive results.

Follow up and raise your attendance

Getting your new friend’s contact details is better than distributing your card randomly. Most people hardly follow up after such events. You should tell your friend when and how you might contact them so they expect it from you. In addition, try to be more frequent at such events so it helps you build more contacts, stronger relationships, and thus more business.

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