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How to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Return on Investment

Social media how to Have you ever been asked to show the return on investment (ROI) for your social media work? Have you had trouble giving an exact number to explain your ROI or even set quantitative goals for your social media?

Know how to find the ROI on your social media marketing activities

If you don’t keep an eye on the stats related to ROI of your marketing activities, you would never get a clear idea of whether social media marketing campaign is successful or not. ROI is expressed as a percentage. The equation for figuring this number out is actually % of ROI = (benefits minus costs x 100) divided by cost of social media marketing. Of course, to get this figure absolutely right, you would need to know for sure how many customers are coming to you from social and also the exact cost in terms of working hours you spend on it, the salary of social media managers or actual cost of purchasing paid social marketing packages on sites.

Survey customers to know where they found you

if you aren’t too keen on diving into the technical side of your social media marketing setup but would still like to know whether your social presence is bringing customers in, you can always including a single question survey in the purchase process. A question like “How did you hear about us?” with options including names of social media networks on which your company has a page, billboards, Google search, word of mouth etc. remember to make this survey completely options to avoid annoying customers.

Tag URLs to keep track of traffic from social

Adding a UTM tag to URLs that you post and share on your business’ social media pages are a great way of keeping a keen eye on how well a social media marketing campaign is working for your company. The tag allows a link from social leading to a landing page to be identified easily and you can then discern, without asking customers about it, whether they found you through your social media marketing page or elsewhere.

Optimize for search engines

We’re fairly certain that anyone using social media marketing today is more than familiar with the way SEO works. But not a lot of people are aware that optimizing for search engines is a great way to boost ROI for social media marketing campaigns. In fact, through the use of optimized social media marketing content alone you can ensure that your business shows up higher in search results. P.S. uploading visual content gets you more brownie points from Google Penguin!


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