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How to build a workspace that will make you successful

build a workspace

Though much of your work success comes from your mindset and your drive, your work environment plays a big part. Working in a dingy cubicle is depressing, and working in a room without windows can cause mood and health issues. When you work from home, you have more control over your work environment. So, set yourself up for success by building a customized workspace that optimizes concentration and productivity.

Create a Green Office Space

Green Office

Did you know that working in a green-certified office space can give you a cognitive boost and prevent you from getting sick? Harvard did a study showing just that: the people who worked in green spaces in this study had 26 percent better cognitive performance and were 30 percent less likely to miss work due to illness. When upgrading your own office space, go green by recycling, lowering energy consumption, and reducing paper use.

Build a Work Addition Onto Your Home (or in the Back Yard) 

Your house might be too small or noisy for the perfect at-home office. Perhaps none of your rooms are laid out in a way that would be conducive to work. Consider, instead, designing a new office space either as an addition to your home or as a separate building on your property. You can lay out your office exactly how you like it, including where your windows will be and how big of a desk you’d like. If you get some of the work done yourself, like excavating the outdoor space, you can save some money on this innovative project.

Add Scenic Views to Your Workspace

Add Scenic Views

Staring at computer screens can fatigue your eyes and cause headaches. Reading paper documents with tiny fonts can cause eye strain. If you’re doing all this in a room without windows, or facing away from a window, rethink your office space. Warwick Business School discovered that people who had scenic views in their offices ended up with refocused attention. You feel more connected to the outside world when you look out the window, giving you a bit of a break psychologically. Those mini-rests can be the difference between powering through your afternoon and falling asleep at your desk.

Adapt a Commercial Space to Fit You 

Rent a commercial space with the square footage you desire to create a private office away from home. Since you can’t adapt a commercial space’s skeleton, you’ll turn this office into the perfect workspace with furniture and decoration. Think about investing in a desk that accommodates standing and sitting. Buy an ergonomic chair that will keep your back comfortable as you work. Remember to add personal touches, like plants and pictures, so the office feels familiar and comfortable.

Clean air, indoor greenery, and full spectrum lighting will help you keep your concentration as you work. You’ll also get a mood boost from these elements. Focus on creating an office space with elements that will improve your concentration, not bury you in isolation. The rest of your perfect workspace is up to you.

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