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How social media marketing is different from traditional marketing

The marketing techniques and strategies keep changing with time. At present, social media marketing is deemed to be more effective than most of the other different types of marketing techniques. Traditional marketing refers to newspaper, radio and TV advertisements, distributing leaflets and using billboards, while social media marketing techniques are based on the social networking sites that millions of people use on a daily basis. It is possible to reach a huge number of potential clients in a less time and influence them by using the social media platforms. Understanding the differences between these two types of marketing techniques can help marketers chalk out effective marketing plans.

Social media marketing techniques are interactive but traditional marketing techniques are not. You can share, like or comment on the posts of the advertiser in social media platforms. You cannot talk to the advertiser directly during the TV commercials or let the marketers know that you liked their jingle. Traditional marketing techniques are fast losing their importance because they are very expensive. Social media marketing costs less and sometimes it does not cost at all. The social media advertisements are directed towards people who are likely to buy the products or services on offer. By clicking on the ads by the side of your Facebook page you are responding to it. There is no easy way of responding to the traditional advertisements. You have to spend your hard earned money to call and inquire about the products.

The social media marketers are attempting to build up a strong relationship with their target audience. They directly interact with them and create fan pages in different social networking sites. Customers can follow them in Twitter or like the fan pages of their favorite companies or products. There is no direct way of building relationships through the traditional methods of marketing. Traditional advertisements and marketing strategies are not directed towards a specific bunch of people. You have to sit through an entire TV commercial or change the channel but you can control the amount of marketing info you see through social media platforms. Traditional ads can have a deep impact and helps in building a good brand image for your products. To be successful every marketer has to utilize the power of both social media and traditional marketing.

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