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Find out ways of being assertive without seeming aggressive for getting success

Assertiveness is a quality that every corporate worker must have for climbing the ladder of success. Assertiveness helps you express yourself confidently and speak your mind clearly in front of others. If you are shy or introvert and find it difficult to face your boss or clients then you will never be able to make a mark in the corporate world. Even businessmen and entrepreneurs must be assertive to make their presence felt and their opinions known. Often people turn aggressive from assertive and make the wrong impression. Too much assertiveness can be mistaken for arrogance. Use assertiveness as a tool for being heard but do not impose your assertiveness on others. Do not let your assertive nature become an obstacle in your career. Aggressiveness and assertiveness are totally different. An assertive person exudes confidence whereas an aggressive person exudes anger. Assertiveness is necessary to face adversities in both life and career. In the following you will find some useful tips on how you can be more assertive without being arrogant or aggressive.


Use the right amount of assertiveness:

In many cases you have to be assertive so that the person you are talking to understands what you are trying to tell. Your purpose of using assertiveness should determine how you express yourself and the attitude you take while speaking. The body language and tone of voice should match your objective or purpose. Do not be rude while trying to be assertive.

Learn to listen as well:

Be a good listener while you communicate assertively. Listening to what others have to say will help you speak more effectively with them. For example if you are talking to a client you must listen to their problems before being assertive about the help you can provide.

Voice your opinion:

Do not be afraid to speak up even in the most adverse circumstances. Address the problems and negative issues directly and talk about them clearly on your own before anyone else points them out.

Make sure you have a positive attitude:

You want to make a good impression on the clients and your boss. Make sure you have a positive attitude while being assertive. Speak confidently without boasting. Clearly state the matters and the help you can offer. Do not try to intimidate the person you are talking to.

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