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Delving into a parallel career can help you hone your skills

Job satisfaction or pocket satisfaction? This is one questions that probably daunts each person who is working.Studies have proven that unless you are happy with your work, nothing else will motivate you to work in the office. Thus, it is important that you are satisfied with your job. If you are satisfied with the work you are doing, you automatically will be happy with the pay, because you know your boss will not underpay you. And even if you are being underpaid, your good work will draw you a promotion or rewards.

Do not let your skills go waste

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Do you think, you have an additional skill that you are not yet utilizing? Then it is time you come up with a back – up plan or a better parallel career path for yourself, for two reasons – 1. You will be using all your potential to the maximum. 2. The extra work will get you some extra bucks obviously, isn’t that great? Well, so if you think you are good at more than one thing, do not hesitate to think of an alternate path to develop that skill and get yourself rewarded for that. The first step towards all this is identifying your skills, and knowing how far is that really good enough to set in for a job in that particular field. For this, you could do a small assessment test, or you could join a class to enhance that particular skill.

There are few tips given below, as to how you could successfully develop a parallel career path for yourself –

Tip #1: Do not hesitate to think of such a thing


This is one important thing you must keep in mind. Lot of people think that it is waste of thinking of an alternate path goal, since it will become difficult and hectic. If you balance it all well, it will be fun plus the extra earning will motivate you to have a perfect balance between both of the work.

Tip #2: Maintain the protocol of both the skills

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Do not mix up both the works, and make sure that if you are coming up with a parallel work path, you are aware of the pros and cons of both the works. Make sure that you are keeping a note of the protocols of each work and skill set, and are following them to the maximum extent possible, and to the extent that is expected out of you.

Tip #3: Try your hands on virtual work

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If you are planning for an alternative skill career, then why don’t you consider one job as a work from home job? Today there are numerous offices, that accept people working virtually and who are on a flexible work timings. Plus, you get paid for such work from home jobs as well. So if you think two offices will get a little over the board, then think of jobs that will have to be done virtually

Tip #4: Have a backup plan

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Make sure that your current work is not getting disturbed, and have a backup plan in place, in case things go wrong, in the virtue of pursuing another career path. Initially you might face some problems, and for such times, it is important that you do not get fired off your work. Keep a plan B ready in case something goes wrong.

Be cautious enough, because sometimes such things might complicate the existing work life balance. Also, be prepared for adverse things to happen, and make sure you know how you have to react. Be mentally strong and physically ready to take a call in emergency situations. Think well, research well, and set up a career plan parallel to what you doing if your schedule and skills allow you to do so.

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