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Chose cooperation over competition while growing together

A work environment that is cooperative yields more productivity that an environment that is governed by competitiveness. Competitiveness makes you a loner whereas a cooperative nature will fetch you many more hands in working towards a common goal. In fact as you grow in an organization you will realize that cooperation is a must for the smooth functioning of a company. Each department cooperates with one another and then only will the company prosper. It is similar to the co-existence of different species in nature to maintain the ecological balance. Listed are ways in which you can bring out the cooperative nature within you for mutual benefit.

Focus on yourself, rather than others

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In your office there ought to be people who perform better than you, some who perform as good as you and some others who are not as efficient as you are. Just limit your thought in eyeing them as all your competitors. With your own set of strengths and weaknesses you are a unique personality, utilize that. If you keep on competing with others you will eventually lose your mental peace. Relax and work and cooperate with others. Try replacing competition with cooperation and you will gain back your mental peace.

Hit the bull’s eye

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Creating healthy targets always help achieve a competition free environment. You must always be focused on your target and reach it by hook or crook. If the targets are unachievable or too easily achievable then the competition always peeps in. They need to be well-planned target wherein all can achieve and display their skills. Try achieving these healthy targets with the cooperation of your colleagues. This will bestow you with ample opportunity to remove competition and bring in cooperation amongst yourselves.

Do not worry about others’ appraisal

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If you start worrying about who amongst your group gets the first pay hike then the work environment gets corrupted. This will create a rift between your group members. Eventually everybody will get a raise, it’s a time factor. Moreover your worries won’t fetch you the pay hike right. So it’s better to stop worrying on such issues and start concentrating on your work. This is leads to an extremely unhealthy competition. The cooperation amongst each other just falls apart because of such silly reasons.

Never argue with seniors

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Seniors demand respect, so give them their due respect. If you feel that they are not correct you can always place your ideas, but arguing with them will not solve the issue. Behaving in such manner will not have a very positive effect on your growth. Seniority comes with experience and if you challenge their experience by confronting them, then it will a create rift between you and your seniors. The cooperation of your seniors is needed to survive in the industry you work in. Not receiving their advice and showing irritation will make you lose their cooperation. Sort out matters with discussion instead of being rude on their face.

Be bothered and help your subordinates

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Just like you do not like your seniors impose their decisions on you. It’s a similar case with your subordinates. If you just impose your decisions and do not bother to help them any further they will not cooperate with you. You must thus cooperate and be helpful to your subordinates. So go ahead and provide your subordinates with full support and recognition. Just delegating work and not involving yourself will not get you the desired results. So discuss issues and give your insights on them.

Cooperation is an important aspect of growth. You require it from both your seniors as well as your subordinates. So cooperate more with each than compete. Try to share and discuss ideas and views of life with your colleagues. Learn from them and thus, create a healthy atmosphere at your work place. This will not increase your pay, but surely, it will increase your level of happiness!

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