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How to build a positive corporate culture for new ideas

Building a Positive Corporate Culture

An organization’s success or failure is defined by its workforce. An open and inclusive organization is filled with engaged employees who work with a sense of purpose to boost the former’s reputation while reaching their individual professional and personal goals.Sadly, this is exactly the area where many organizations lag.

How to build a positive corporate culture for new ideas

Filled with disengaged employees, these organizations tend to create negative corporate cultures that not only lead to high attrition rates but prevent new employees from joining the company in the long run. Re-establishing the very purpose of an organization and its work culture is very essential in this case, and can be done with the following tips.

Shut out Negative Inquiry

Negative Inquiry

Rather than using negative phrases like ‘Why didn’t you do this?’ or ‘What’s wrong with this idea?’, train to use positive phrases like ‘How can this be improved?’, ‘What can we learn from this for the future?’, and ‘What’s right with this idea?’. This will allow transform every blamestorm into a positive opportunity that could in turn lead to ideas that can push the company forward.

Throw Ego out the Door at the Workplace

Stressed buinesswoman

An egocentric workplace will create nothing but negativity among employees which in turn will be detrimental for the organization’s success. As an owner, learn to lead by example by getting rid of ego in the workplace.

Learn to acknowledge mistakes and encourage others to do the same. Encourage divergent ideas and throw out personal attacks based on territory and authority. Reveal publicly that criticism without exploration of potential will not be tolerated, and encourage managers and their team mates to emulate the same principles across the office.

Initiate and Handle Collaborations

Handle Collaborations

You will need to initiate collaborations across different levels of the organization by pairing individuals from varied parts of the company. Each pair will work together to generate ideas as well as seek/provide advice and resources.

A connector will also need to be assigned to track innovation across different departments when collecting ideas for a new project. Foster successful collaboration by encouraging team members to work with each other as well as trust each other’s ideas.

Bond Outside the Workplace

Bond Outside the Workplace

With workplace tension leading to a lot of stress inside the office, it pays to allow employees to bond outside the workplace on a casual basis. Interacting in low pressure environments will help teammates as well as their leaders bond better, a bond which will automatically move over to the workplace as well, thus creating an efficient workforce.

Remain Patient Until Changes Take Effect

Remain Patient

Changes take time to come into effect. After announcing changes on an organizational level, you will need to be patient until the change is reflected till the lower levels of the workforce. Expecting the entire company to adapt to new suggestions and strategies immediately will only lead to disappointments and failures down the line.

Hence, you will need to remain patient until the introduced changes take effect across different levels of the organization effectively before expecting to see results. This will help create a positive workplace culture where employees understand they have time to adapt to changes without being rushed into the same.

Celebrate Innovation with Rewards

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It is considered essential to constantly encourage innovation in the workplace by rewarding those who come up with innovative behavior. This can be done in the form of cash for ideas or non-financial compensation.

Rewards like gift certificates, group outings, spa days and complementary offs will encourage employees to work harder to attain personal goals while helping the company move forward as well. Even a sincere thank you over the phone can help boost employee morale in a considerable manner.

A negative work place culture will only lead to an organization that struggles to meet its goals and objectives. Boosting employee morale by establishing a positive workplace culture is essential for a business’s success and can be easily done by adopting a few simple tips and measures across the organization.

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