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Brilliant hacks employers can use to increase work productivity


An employee’s productivity is directly proportional to how happy he or she is with the job. To keep them motivated, the managers and administrators need to boost their morale constantly. Besides this, couple of hacks framed in the article could prove beneficial.

Discourage multi-tasking


Multi-tasking is the primary cause of poor productivity. Every time we switch from one task to another, our focus on the project along with time is lost. Though the time lost is negligible, the attention you need to get back to the workflow will take its time.

Get rid of distractions

Primarily today, all the phone, mobile email and social media notifications need to be muted at our workplaces for maximum productivity.

Prioritize your work


Assign bigger projects first and see through its completion in a set time, this boosts the spirit of the employee and gives a sense of satisfaction. It always helps in increasing productivity.

Only give out 3 tasks per day

It’s mantra tried and tested by various employers. A sizeable three project handed out each day provides something easier for your employees to focus on. It helps them in keeping their focus on improving the quality.

30 Minute meetings


No staff meetings should exceed thirty minutes. For attaining this, make earlier preparation for your discussions, put away mobile phones while meeting, and most importantly, take away the chairs.

Employ Pomodoro Technique

This technique is about breaking down the tasks into 25-minute blocks.  A break of 5-10 minutes after each block and 15-30 minute breaks after completion of three or four Promodo blocks.  This technique is generally used when multiple tasks are assigned at the same time.

Drink water

Drink water

Adequate hydration of the body replenishes energy, reduces fatigue and flushes out toxins. Hence, drink water for a productive work culture.

Block unwanted sites

Every site that is unnecessary at work place must be blocked, including the news sites that keep sending updates regularly.

Encourage music


As music boosts productivity, it must be encouraged at the workplace. However, not all type of music will be helpful for attaining this task. It is usually the lyrics less and melodious light music that works. Also, make sure it is not too loud and jarring.

Be a leader not a boss

Work is always better and faster when you are capable of guiding your workforce with enthusiasm and motivate them to deliver the best results. This is only possible if you show them how it should be done and not boss them. A leader always gives credit for work and fixes all the employee problems.

Communicate with employees

communicate with employees

Never assume that your employees understand the terms and condition of the work. You should explain it to them when they join your company. Always communicate with them and listen to their queries. It builds a healthy environment for the employees to work.

Create a wholesome environment

Treat your employees with dignity. Create a wholesome experience for them at the work place, a feeling that would make them come back to work every day with joy and vigor.

Encourage employees


Besides the deserved compensation for their works, employers must encourage their total well-being. Employee should know his employer cares about him. It could be shown in different ways from taking out health insurances for employees to indulging them in important decision-makings of the firm. Remembering employees birthdays, rewarding them for their achievements, compensations for extra hours, handing in personal note for a work done well are all ways of taking care of your employees.

Batching tasks

Grouping similar tasks for your employee will create a natural flow of work and make it easier for him to complete his/her work. There is a rhythmic momentum to this technique, which helps in improving productivity.

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