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Best Creative Practices For Your Employee Orientation Programs 

You want the new-hire feel comfortable in the existing work culture of your organization so that he/she can deliver the best! Insightful thoughts and efforts combine into an employee onboarding process whereby an organization goes to great lengths to locate a deserving job seeker to feed a vacancy. However, on a macro level, the on-boarding process starts on the day when recruitment advertisement is launched and continues until the recruit completes one year of service. It makes the employee more acquainted with the organization, strips him of shyness and make out of him a more creative and high yielding entity. An effective onboarding orientation is of paramount importance to resolve employee orientation issues. It is a structured and well thought out chain of developments tailored by the organization itself for the fresher. Here are 13 creative practices for your employee orientation programs to help you establish a strong bond with your employees.

Employee Orientation Programs 

Companies implementing a well-structured onboarding program can retain 69% of its employees for 3 years or more. The employee performance can improve by 11%. The importance of a good onboarding program can be realized by the fact that 22% of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days. [,]

Breaking the barriers with the best onboarding orientation practices:

Employee Orientation Programs 

Initial barriers exist, and it is not easy to make an employee feel at home the day he steps in. The existing workforce has a mixed response to the new bunch. Some may even feel threatened for their current portfolios. However, there is no overnight fix or a solution to this. A time-bound orientation program is compulsory. The best onboarding orientation practices can be on the following lines:

  • Keep your team informed about the new hires. Provide an introduction to their personal background, outlining the necessity of this hire.
  • Before your new hires join the organization, be in touch with them. Conduct some paperwork before enabling them to get into the workflow soon. Your new-hire will also get an idea of how things are done in your organization.
  • One of the best onboarding orientation practices is celebrating the new hires’ first day by popping up a bottle of champagne will help to generate bonhomie among other employees. The new hires will appreciate how much the company values their participation in teamwork.
  • To avoid employee orientation issues, be candid in explaining the company’s expectations from the new hires. Give the required access to the tools of their trade. Any literature or working manual will be of great help from day one.
  • A brief training to your new-hire/s on how to use the resources at his/her disposal and make the most of time is essential. This will make new hire confident and productive.
  • Introduce new recruits to other team members so they get to know each other on a personal level. It is like one family supported by its members to enhance the efficiency of the organization.
  • Enable them to have access to the right person who can guide them when required. A comparatively casual atmosphere is imperative to strengthen the bond between a mentor and a novice.
  • Jump into the frontline concept to effectively inculcate a practice of get-going among new recruits from day one. They learn how to create the first impression – and the best one, of course – from the very start of their career. This will turn them into oriented-future leaders.
  • Encourage new hires on a scavenger hunt and send them with assignments and probes to know more about the organization’s cultural side and its evolution from scratch.
  • Boot camp exposure will benefit new hires. The idea is to send them for a month-long cross training with other departments to dispense with any chance of interdepartmental friction.
  • Team up new hires with veterans as well as with peers to encourage a flexible and congenial ambience. Fun and occasional get-together boost up the employee motivation. They are inspired to deliver.
  • Event planning is a great employee onboarding You team up a fresh recruit with a senior to set off the event planning committee rolling.
  • Mentorship provides the key to the knowledge and tricks of the trade that helps newcomers to work efficiently. A good mentor understands the culture of the organization and the level of responsibility expected from employees. They fix the same among new recruits, reducing the overall learning time.

 13 creative practices for your employee orientation program – a full proof method to achieve a successful onboarding program?

Employee Orientation Programs There is no sure shot formula for a successful employee onboarding program. It is up to the organization to frame one according to their requirements. However, the objective remains the same –less employee turnover, zero employee orientation issues, and better organizational performance.


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