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8 useful ways to limit personal calls while at work

A person, in general, ends up working in an office for 8 hours or more. Thus, to expect that he or she will not accept personal calls in office isn’t practical. It doesn’t make sense. It should not be a problem at all but when one spends too much time making or accepting personal calls, then there is a problem. Too much of personal talk while in office can be detrimental to the professional atmosphere of an office. By few ways you can ensure that limit personal calls during work and at the same time, ensure that you get to receive and answer urgent matters at home.

Tell your folks when and when not to call

Give clear instructions to your family members that you will be unable to accept too many calls from home and friends. Request them to call you only if there is any urgency. So, the next time, if your friend wants to call you and give a detailed explanation about her new haircut, she will wait till you return home.

If possible, keep a mobile number for only personal work

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You will have office phone and in addition, you may have to give your cell phone number to clients and office contacts. In such a case, it is better to have a separate number for personal use.

Keep your personal chats short and crisp

In case, you have to pick up a personal call amidst work, then make sure that your conversation is short and quick. In case of pressing matters, you think about the solution rather than figuring about it on the phone.

Get away from your desk to make personal calls

This is one way to ensure that your personal phone conversation does not take a long time, for if you remain on your desk and talk, you may continue for long but if you are away from your desk, you know you have to return to your desk sooner so you will finish off your conversation quickly. This will also ensure that your colleagues are not disturbed.

Use break time to check on at home

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If you are a working mother or you need to check on your ailing family member at home, and you will have to call home once or twice, then use your break time to do the same, be it lunch break or coffee break.

Do not use phone to vent out your personal stress

One is easily tempted to just pick up the phone and pour your heart when at work, be it regarding any personal crisis or professional set back. It is not the best thing to do, for if any colleague hears you doing this, you are sure to be the subject of office gossip soon.

Give messaging apps a break during work time

Keep the messaging applications in silent mode so that you are not constantly checking on them unless it is related to work. The office is not a place to enjoy jokes and photos all through the day.

Avoid the temptation of carrying your cell phone to meetings

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Even if you get official calls and notifications on your cell phone, you need not carry it for your meetings. It can cause distraction and affect your productivity. If there is anything urgent, your clients will know that they can reach your office number too.

Different companies have different rules regarding phone usage and they have specific guidelines regarding personal calls at work. Whatever those might be, as a responsible professional, it is your duty too, to ensure that you have limited personal calls at work. While it is not necessary that you completely stop taking personal calls during work hours, you can limit the calls by ensuring some self-discipline. The above steps help you achieve that and remember, it will only make your life lot easier.


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