Studies show that out of all the professionals in the world, only 13% actually love the work they do, while the others simply do it as a daily routine. If you belong to the second category, then you would probably be on the lookout for newer, more promising jobs to move on to. However, getting a new job offer is only half the job done. You would need to evaluate the offer carefully to see if you would be happier in it when compared to your current job. Accordingly, here are some essential pointers to consider when evaluating a new job offer.

Do I really want the change?

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While you may not like your job that much, you may want to consider the fact that it gives you some level of comfort and recognition which you are not sure of getting with the new job. As such, you would need to take a decision to move based on hard to ignore reasons only. Some of these include unmanageable stress, little to no family time, increased complacency and reduced chances of enjoying a life you have always dreamt of.

Is the new company worth it?

company worth it

Evaluating the company is the second most important step you would need to take when evaluating a new job offer. No one wants to leave a job for another job that is worse than what they currently doing. So do ample research on the company, finding details about its vision, executives, culture, size, age and financial status, etc. Check for news clippings about recent events concerning the company to see where it fits your bill in terms of a prospective employer. This would allow you to choose the best offer while ditching all the mediocre ones.

What salary would I get?

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Face it! One of the main reasons most of us jump companies is to secure a better pay slip. Evaluate the salary offered by the new company. Check whether the compensation package is fair when related to your skills. Also check if it would be fair to the role that is assigned to you in the new workplace. You don’t want to skip companies only to end up working for peanuts again.

Check with friends, colleagues and family members who may be employed in the same organization, and possibly in a similar role. Also check online salary portals to find out the industry specific pay packages for specific roles. These will allow you negotiate your salary to get a compensation package that is fair and does justice to your work.

Would I have to relocate?

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You have aced the interview and talked about everything pertaining to the new job. You are about to sign on the dotted line when they drop the bomb. You will have to relocate to another destination for the work. Are you willing to relocate? If so, then how would you manage your life back home with your loved ones? Are you willing to sacrifice your family life for a better job? Answer these questions carefully and if possible, talk it out with your family before taking a decision in the matter.

What are the employee benefits I would get?

employee benefits

Salary is just the start of your compensation package. You would need to check if the new job offer provides you with any employee benefits like health insurance, sick and vacation leaves, life and disability insurance and even retirement plans. Although they may seem unimportant now, these benefits would be of great help to your family down the lane. So make sure you discuss these benefits in detail with the new company before giving your nod.

Will I get the stability or progression I want?

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If you plan on climbing up the corporate ladder as quickly as possible, you would need to find out the promotion criteria in the new organization. You would need to ascertain whether you would be able to work in lieu with the company’s guidelines to attain professional growth.

If stability is what you desire, you would need to check the attrition rate of the company and the reasons for the same. This would give you a fair idea of what to expect when desiring stability in the new organization.

It is essential to evaluate a new job offer carefully before accepting it. From discussing your role in the company and the way the latter functions to researching about the perks and constraints involved, these tips will help you understand what goes into evaluating a new job offer.