America’s number one success coach Jack Canfield has yet another literary work up his sleeve and his book ‘ Success University for women ‘ is confident of taking the readership by storm. Especially those who have enjoyed his previous works like ‘ Chicken soup for the soul ‘, ‘ The success principles ‘ and the ‘Success principles 10th anniversary ‘ which he has created in a consortium effort with the other eminent writers on the subject.

Success University for Women (3)

Jack is the undisputed leader who has acquired mounting expertise and experience to write most convincingly arresting texts on success secrets that keep the readers glued to the pages of his textual creation. His latest work ‘ Success University for women‘, which he co-authored with the American born Jan Fraser and the Canadian Catherine Scheers is supposed to hold the readership by a magnetic spell .

Jack is the master whose works have inspired people and helped them bring out their latent potential under lime light. His thoughts are so powerfully motivating that they would compel you to reassess yourselves. If you have a leader and an entrepreneur inside you, Jack’s words would certainly give you a firm platform to transform the huge potential into fruitful channels.

Jack Canfield had been hugely popular for his capabilities of making leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, marketing professionals, management gurus, educationists, accountants and commercial pilots out of common man and the list goes on like a never ending story. His new work ‘ Success University for women ‘ is certainly going to turn on the interests that have been boiling within people with big dreams and an enormous appetite for success. The book would for sure act as a catalyst tapping the talent in you that had been brewing for years just waiting for an opportunity to surface.

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Being unquestionably qualified to give the most convincing statements on the secrets of success, Jack has been almost a cult figure and his publications have been a phenomenon of the decade. The book is penned in lucid language and the ideas are crystal clear with a straightforward tone. The philosophy loaded in pages is gripping and it trains the mind to think.
His attention holding message, inspiring potential and a unique coaching style have supported millions around the world to achieve their dreams and desires.  Jack is fondly called America’s number one success coach. He has carried out an in-depth study of the factors responsible for bringing in success to people transforming them to leaders and high achievers. Factors that motivate you to go on and sustain your interests and pursuits have been so intensely studied by this eminent personality that no one else has done it before and ultimately he conveyed the fruits of his efforts to the public.

An anthology by genre, this super book vividly portrays 24 most eminent women across the globe belonging to 11 countries who have savored success in its entire essence like no one else have around the world. Winning their bread and butter from a range of professions like commercial pilots, fitness magazine cover models, accountants, entrepreneurs and corporate managers these scintillating personalities have rose to the helm of affairs in their respective fields.
It is envisaged that the latest release of Jack would sell around the globe like Swiss chocolates appealing millions of success enthusiasts and career buffs. The entire readership around every nook and corner of the planet who knows Jack is certainly lying in wait cherishing a mammoth hope about this book. Equating this one with   half a billion copies of his related publications which have made a tremendous global impact, this book would be a revelation in its own right.