Dr Prem Jagyasi a renowned medical tourism expert and speaker spoke in Turkey Health Tourism Congress about Medical Tourism Destinations.

on below topics:
About Health Tourism Destination.
What are popular and recognized Health Tourism Destinations?
What are essential components of destinations?

Destination Comparison
Contribution of Destination towards the growth of Health Tourism

Dr Prem Jagyasi as a Renowned Speaker

To be the best is the order of the day, likewise Dr Prem Jagyasi, right from his teens has been an insatiable speaker by delivering speeches on various topics and providing one with the deepest of insights.

Dr Prem Jagyasi’s prominent speeches are on notable topics such as Social Media Marketing in Global Healthcare and Medical Tourism, Medical Tourism Blues and how to cure them, Medical Tourism Marketing – Opportunities and challenges, The Role of a Facilitator in Medical Tourism, Transforming National Brand into International brand in Medical Tourism and many more.

As a chartered marketing consultant Dr Prem Jagyasi has delivered innumerable speeches that are profoundly informative and have been approved by one and all. With widespread acclaim throughout the world he was –

Invited in Global Healthcare, Medical Tourism and Sevral High profile Congresses as chairman and key note speakers and his topics spectrum included versatile subjects:

* Medical tourism being a solution for global healthcare crisis,
* Medical tourism industry issues,
* Identifying and serving potential target market in global healthcare,
* Role of marketing in Medical Tourism industry,
* Managing competition in globalization of healthcare and understanding it,
* Medical Tourism journey from brand India to destination India,
* Developing Strategic Global Marketing Plan,
* Marketing in medical tourism and addressing the needs of the concerned customers,
* Marketing for European Health Tourism Providers,
* Medical Tourism Opportunities and Challenges,
* The Scenario of Medical Tourism in India,
* Medical tourism: Creating effective strategies to attract medical tourists and capitalize on this growing global trend,
* Understanding HealthCare Marketing Trends in Middle East,
* Managing Strategic Outsourcing in Healthcare,
* Developing Quality Healthcare Practice for International Patients and many more such topics have been dealt by him meticulously.