Entrepreneurs want to conduct their business according to their own principles and vision. To attain the goals you have set for your company you must employ some good and strong strategies. Building strategies is not an easy task. A strategy that seems to be excellent may not bring the desired results and in that case you will have to discard it. There are basically two types of strategies, long term ones and short term ones.


For successful development of a business, you must implement both types of strategies simultaneously. As the owner of your startup, you have the responsibility of developing a stable business strategy that will help in creating a niche for your company and guide the team of employees. A good strategy will help in keeping your employees motivated and help them focus on work. There are some factors that one must consider while formulating business strategy.

Analyze the present state of your business. Where are you standing? How much progress have you made since you started? The answer to these questions will give you a good understanding about what your business requires at present. You will have to do careful investigation about the present state of your business and its position in the marketplace. Compare your business analytics with that of your contemporaries.

Check out the online reviews of satisfied or dissatisfied customers to understand what needs to be changed. Another important factor that entrepreneurs should keep in mind is where they want to take their business ultimately. What is your vision about your business? Do you want to open branches in other countries? Do you want to engage in social development activities? Do you want to enrich the lives of your workers? All these will help and guide you in formulating the right strategies.


Your business serves a particular type of clients. It serves a specific need of people. The needs will change with the advancement of technology and shift in mind set. So, you must consider the changes in the marketplace and develop strategies which suit the changing market environment.

Your focus should be on improving the services and the quality of the product. At the same time the strategies should be used to create a niche for your business and a positive brand image. Also consider the things you will need for successful implementation of the strategies.


Formulating long term business strategies is not an easy task. It takes lots of hard work. An entrepreneur must consider several points before creating the perfect business strategy.