All of us have plans, promises and resolutions for working towards health and fitness goals. What holds us back is the lack of inspiration – the lack of a guide to encourage and push us towards our goals of health, fitness and mental peace. To provide the necessary encouragement, Dr Prem – an award winning strategic leader, author, speaker and publisher is re-launching two of his online guides to celebrate World Yoga Day. The Wellness Guide is a treatise to inform readers about different wellness therapies, wellness tourism, wellness tips, and integrated medicine. Yoga Guide serves as an encyclopedia illuminating the practice of Yoga; it takes the reader through a journey that speaks of the Origin of Yoga, different Yoga asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Basics, Yoga Styles, Yoga Therapies, and meditation.

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The man behind the Yoga Guide and Wellness Guide, Dr Prem Jagyasi said “Once considered as a fringe option, traditional wellness therapies and Yoga have reclaimed their place of honor at the world stage. However, accessing reliable information about such wellness practices remains a big challenge. Reiterating my commitment towards addressing the knowledge deficit and empowering the wellness seeker with credible insight, I am re-launching the Yoga Guide and Wellness Guide with more informative articles and content.”

Dr Prem’s Wellness Guide aims to promote mind-body restoration and activating the process of natural healing. Keeping his sight on making substantial changes in the lives of health conscious folks. The goal is to enable wellness conscious individuals to differentiate between different wellness practices and choose one that best suits their purpose. With his definitive focus on wellness tourism, the author writes about factors that contribute to making wellness tourism a revolution.

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The Wellness Tourism guide section of his guidebook explains the significance of this potent form of tourism. Dr Prem writes about the history and significance of wellness tourism, aside from providing insight into wellness tourism destinations, alternative medicine practices, integrated medicines, wellness therapies, and his unique wellness mantras. The author aims to make people understand that wellness is all about feeling great from within and utilizing different therapies to bring the inner peace to the fore. The guidebook is dedicated to individuals who want to know more about unobtrusive wellness practices, such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, and so on.

Yoga is a practice that has defined the concept of wellness since time immemorial and has been the guiding light for wellness since the ancient age. In essence, the practice of Yoga is about bringing the life force in harmony with the body. This is achieved by performing an array of mental and physical exercises. Yoga enables one to realize his inner strength and remain in a state of constant bliss.

No wonder, the ancient practice is finding takers aplenty around the world. Recent statistics suggest that there are 22 million Yoga practitioners in the USA alone. The world is recognizing the life changing benefits of this wonderful practice, The World Yoga Day on June 21 is a testament to the growing influence and support of Yoga.

Revealing remarkable consistency with other guides by Dr Prem, the revamped Yoga Guide and Wellness Guide are easy to browse, aesthetically pleasing, comprehensible. Moreover, it comes supplied with a plethora of genuine, thought provoking and well-structured articles capturing varied aspects of Yoga in all its essence. Dr Prem’s life improving guides have the knack of remaining current, consistent and informative in terms of content and Yoga guide and Wellness Guide is no exception either.

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Dr Prem Web Network is inviting wellness therapy providers to share key information regarding their facilities with the vast Dr Prem website network, and take their offerings closer to those who matter the most. Wellness centers including spas and alternative therapy centers can be a part of Dr Prem Wellness Network’s ever-growing wellness tourism guide. Mentioning the location of the facility, climate, natural surroundings and amenities on offer ensures informed decisions on part of the wellness seeker. The aforementioned information can be accompanied with information regarding quality compliance will benchmark the credibility, ethics and operational excellence of wellness centers. An authentic picture can accompany the description of the facility to create an indelible impression on the minds of the target audience. Please send details through

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