It is a known fact that one of the best ways to boost online presence is to create meaningful content. The best way to do that is to curate content, which aptly translates to collecting important pieces of information and projecting them in one place rather than creating fresh content. Content curation would be a beneficial alternative to those who find it difficult to create and manage their own content.


Curating content would automatically provide meaningful content to a niche, attract more readers to it and, eventually, increase online visibility and influence within that niche.

Content curation may sound easy but is in fact, a process that needs much time and effort. Using certain resources and tools can also help an individual get started with content curation. Accordingly, here are some of the best tools (free) that are recommended for the same.


Help a Socialist Out (HASO)

From the moment you subscribe to Guy Kawasaki, your inbox will receive an email containing a list of potential content that you can choose to pick from and share. You will receive this email on a daily basis, with each email containing content that was curated from their own social media activities.



With Trendspottr, you can get access to content that has been shared frequently but has not achieved enough awareness. This means you would get access to content that your followers would most likely not have come across from other sources. If they do so as well, they would credit you with posting the information first, thereby increasing your authority in the niche. TrendSpottr would also let you share content, which is highly sharable, thereby gaining you more followers and increasing your online visibility.


With access to over 200,000 sources of online content, including news, social media accounts, blogs, etc. enables you to use keywords or interests to search for content that you want. The results will show several recently published items that you can go through, pick and share. The tool also shows the popularity level of the content by indicating the number of times it has already been shared or tweeted.


Google + Explore

This tool lets you use hashtags to search and select content that can benefit your niche. The tool also shows the popularity level of the content by indicating the number of times it has been shared and liked. This would help you choose the most appealing posts to share on your channels.


Content curation helps individuals choose from a list of potential content and pick the ones that are relevant to their niche. Using content curation tools like the ones mentioned above, you could curate meaningful content in order to improve your online visibility and authority.