Life is never the same for everybody. It has its share of twists and turns that everyone has to go through. It would dish out the most unforeseen circumstances for one to wade through at times. And it would ensure that everyone gets an experience that would change the very way he/she sees everything around him. If you are yet to reach this stage, then here are 6 reminders which will change the way you view it in the coming days.

Everything happens for a reason to help you grow

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You will be forced to go through several circumstances that will correct, direct and perfect you over a period of time. Not all of these circumstances would be worth cherishing. Some of them may be painful to bear and would knock you down pretty hard. They may make you feel stressed out and depressed at times. But these circumstances are the stepping stones to a more mature you. And going through hardships to attain success would become a norm to enjoy the latter better.

There will be more tough decisions to make in the future

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Growth is never easy, at least not true growth. There will be lots of tough decisions you need to take along the way, definitely one tougher than the next. Sometimes, you would be forced to take some really harsh decisions to move on in life. But that is considered far better than remaining stuck in a place where you do not belong. It takes courage to accept change as well along with the responsibility for opting for that change. So brace yourself for some really tough decisions down the lane.

Choosing the more important perspectives

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We might want to fill the platter with everything we consider important. However, in a real life scenario, this only makes us ineffective. As you grow older, you would need to differentiate the important perspectives from the not so important ones. Knowing what is more important would allow you to focus on those actions that would offer meaningful process. This would at times, mean letting go of things that are dear to you, but of no use in your life in the future.

Quality of thoughts impact happiness directly

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Your happiness depends directly on the quality of your thoughts. Accumulating regrets, worries and other negative thoughts in your mind will only weaken you to the extent you have a nervous breakdown or go into depression. Rather than fretting over these thoughts, throw them out and focus more on positive thoughts. You would need to change your thinking if you want to change things around you. The more positive your thoughts, the more beautiful your day would be. Taking life as a blessing will surely make you appreciate the smaller things in life, thus paving the way for a more fruitful life.

You need to be happy first to make others around you happy

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Happiness is contagious. So is sadness. In the long run, you will discover that the only way to keep everyone around you happy is to be happy yourself. This means serving your needs while taking care of the needs of everyone around you as well. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you start loving and respecting yourself. It doesn’t hurt to be selfish at times when you know the end result will ultimately filter around to everyone around you.

Complaining never gets you anywhere


It is quite easy to throw the blame around. But that is not going to take you anywhere. Complaining about life constantly will only make you get stuck in a rut of despair with no escape route. Never let the mistakes of your past burden your future. Your future depends not your complaints about the problems you face on a regular basis, but on the gratefulness you show towards the problems you don’t face.

Life has an uncanny way of slapping individuals with unique experiences that will shift their perspective on things. These are some of those reminders that do a good job at reminding us that there is more to life than we think so.