A relationship is made magnetic and strong with the help of several factors like love, purpose, trust, chemistry, vision, compatibility and growth, etc. Even destiny has a part to play in keeping a relationship intact. However, there is one trait that is integral to every successful relationship out there; attraction.

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By attraction, we don’t mean physical appearance, for looks can be deceiving. On the other hand, attraction is that trait in an individual that makes him/her approachable. It is what makes others more interested in getting to know him/her. It can be anything from looks and manners to the sense of humor, sensitivity, attention and even the amount of care an individual has for others around him/her.

As such, attraction plays a huge role in determining the fate of a relationship. And if you are intent on using it to become the more magnetic person in the relationship, here are some tips that would help you become more attractive inside and out.

Appreciate what is unique about you

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It may be your sense of humor. Or the way you bond with others around you. There are certain traits that are specific to you as an individual. Appreciate them and yourself for not letting go of these traits. With time, you will start feeling better about yourself for sure. And this will definitely show in your personality as others get drawn towards you.

Find out what ‘You’ want to be

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Rather than trying to become what others want of you, become what ‘You’ want to be. Find out what interests you, moves you or even drives your passion. Work towards achieving your desires would instill that self confidence in your mind to take the world head on. This confidence of yours will surely attract everyone to you like bees to honey.

Keep calm

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It is rather hard to find a calm, peaceful mind these days. In a world filled with frayed nerves and tensions galore, everyone would surely be attracted to the one who stays calm and focused even in the most difficult of situations. Your calmness would help others around you loosen up, thus wanting more and more individuals to gather around you and bask in the soothing warmth of your calm energy.

Create fun and spontaneity

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No one likes all work and no play. In a world driven by deadlines and stress filled lives, even a little bit of fun and spontaneity would spark a lot of interest. Breaking from the rules of rigidness is not something that comes easy to everyone. Hence, every other individual would be in search of that one person who knows how to live it up in all the positive ways. So try incorporating these elements into your relationship and you will instantly feel more attractive. Things like a simple day trip, a movie break, a walk in the park, a boat ride or even a candle light dinner can go a long way in bringing back the spontaneity and fun in your relationship.

Overcome your fears


Nothing makes you look more dark and foreboding than your own fears. With these fears clouding your mind, you will not be able to put your best foot forward in any situation. Overcoming these fears on the other hand can help you regain the confidence to move ahead in search of a better way of life. In doing so, you will surely be joined by those who find this quality of yours attractive and inspiring enough for them to follow suit with their fears as well.

Attraction is not a mere physical trait. Rather, it is something that one should look for deep within the soul. These tips will help you become more attractive and magnetic, and draw everyone around you to create a stronger bond.