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Yoga Styles

Yoga before bed for a sound sleep


Sleeplessness or Insomnia is a very common disorder found in modern people. Causes can be many, like the stress originating from multifarious things or owing to our body’s exposure to synthetic lights, pollution, and what not. Whatever may be the ...

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Reasons why you should attend yoga retreat


Yoga is useful for both physical and mental health and many of its benefits have been proven scientifically. Doing yoga while attending a retreat can be even more beneficial and in the following sections, we will be closely looking at ...

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Ways to achieve ‘Moksha’ by practicing yoga


We are aware that yoga has several benefits for both the mind and the body. Yoga can help increase concentration, improve physical fitness and assist in healing many diseases. It is been practiced now for hundreds of years in different ...

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How to stay fit and safe with hot yoga


Hot yoga is a style of yoga, which is practiced inside a heated room having temperatures varying from 90-105 degrees. Its theory rests on helping your body in sweating out toxins and at the same time helping you to use ...

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What makes Pranayama essential for us


Properbreathing is essential to good health as it enables the movement of blood throughout the body and accordingly, keeps us alive. It is the only means to supply our bodies and its various organs with the supply of oxygen, which ...

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Follow yoga for better memory and eyesight


Practicing yoga regularly is a great way of keeping the body fit and healthy. The benefits of yoga are galore and it can help you mentally, physically and spiritually. This is an overall workout both inside and outside that reflects ...

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