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Yoga Styles

How to stay fit and safe with hot yoga


Hot yoga is a style of yoga, which is practiced inside a heated room having temperatures varying from 90-105 degrees. Its theory rests on helping your body in sweating out toxins and at the same time helping you to use ...

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Follow yoga for better memory and eyesight


Practicing yoga regularly is a great way of keeping the body fit and healthy. The benefits of yoga are galore and it can help you mentally, physically and spiritually. This is an overall workout both inside and outside that reflects ...

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All you ever wanted to know about Dhyana Yoga


The word “dhyana” itself translates into “meditation” as well as “conscious thought”. Dhyana Yoga forms one of the 8 limbs of a core yogic practice. It is often marked as the 7th limb of a formal yogic practice and other ...

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