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Yoga Basics

Understanding the benefits of yoga for kids


Yoga has been integrated into many public schools and many kids are successfully practicing the traditional exercise form that promises physical and mental development of children. Toddlers and pre-schoolers especially enjoy the 15-minute programs conducted every day at schools. Yoga ...

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Can only skinny people practice yoga


Whenever we turn the pages of any magazine or watch a video related to yoga, we come across striking image of a skinny slim body practicing various difficult poses with ease. Many people get discouraged and think that yoga is ...

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Tips for practicing yoga at low cost


You want to stay fit and find yoga beneficial, but don’t want to spend a large amount? No problem, you can follow these tips and can benefit from yoga without spending a bomb. There are various ways to work around ...

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All you need to know about Vashishta yoga

Yoga Vasistha

Yoga Vashishta is one of the most ancient books about yoga. The historians date it between the eleventh and fourteenth century. Written by Lord Valmiki, Yoga Vashishta contains around 32,000 slokas or lines. A person who reads this book is ...

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Yoga for health ailments


Is your modern lifestyle the main cause of health issues? Are irregular and wrong eating habits, making you much more vulnerable to diseases?  Do you work overnight and suffer from high stress level? If yes, then don’t worry as Yoga ...

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