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How yoga helps in growing strong and healthy hair


Healthy beautiful tresses make one look wonderful. Everyone aspires in having a good and lustrous hair, but in today’s world, most people are complaining about hair problems due to bad eating habits, stress, pollution, etc. that takes a direct toll ...

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Yoga – the key to passionate sex life


The connection between sexuality and yoga is a vital aspect of interest for several learners to the practice. One of the most powerful and sensational energy within the body is certainly the sexual energy as this creates life. Yoga helps ...

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Understanding the benefits of yoga for kids


Yoga has been integrated into many public schools and many kids are successfully practicing the traditional exercise form that promises physical and mental development of children. Toddlers and pre-schoolers especially enjoy the 15-minute programs conducted every day at schools. Yoga ...

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What makes Yoga a better option than gym


People enjoy different forms of workout, while some prefer to burn calories in the gym, other prefer more holistic fitness routines such as Yoga. Both workout options have their merits and while hitting the gym show quick results, Yoga offers ...

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Tips for practicing yoga at low cost


You want to stay fit and find yoga beneficial, but don’t want to spend a large amount? No problem, you can follow these tips and can benefit from yoga without spending a bomb. There are various ways to work around ...

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Yoga for Memory


Before discussing the benefits of yoga that help better your memory, let’s first understand the concept of memory. Memory is a very important factor that allows an individual to retain and recall information from the past and present experiences. It ...

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