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Kamasutra Guide

It seems almost implausible today that a book written hundreds of years ago in India explaining sexual techniques and behaviors is today widely regarded as the definitive guide to love making. Kama can be translated as sexual desire and sutra is the sanskrit word for guide, so it is derivative that Kamasutra was written with the purpose of acting as a guide for people who wanted to enhance the pleasures of sexual activity. By presenting pictures as a reference for having intercourse, it proves that the missionary position is not the only way to enjoy sex.


While a majority of people consider the Kamasutra to be mere listing of sexual positions involving contortions of the body, the fact of the matter is that it is a comprehensive manual for living a good life by using eroticism as a tool. An invaluable source of knowledge that categorizes male and female physical types and their compatibility with their lover’s body, it continues to act a resource for sex education till today. Ranging from methods of kissing and embracing to techniques of oral sex and sexual intercourse involving penetration, the kamasutra illustrates via descriptive charts and drawings how to achieve maximum pleasure during sex.

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