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How to install Instagram on Android cell phone


The Instagram app is more than just a free photo enhancement application. It connects users to a photo sharing social network that is now 30 million strong. As Facebook has now acquired Instagram, it means that its social functionality has increased two fold in effectivenss. Thus, in addition to sharing photos, you can keep track of your friends through the photo stream feature. The app also has the ability to add great effects to the photos like glow, polish, sharpen and much more.

The app is also now finally available on the Google Play Store which is welcome news for all Android users. Here’s how to install the Instagram App on Android mobiles.

Instagram for Android

Difficulty Level

Time Required
15-20 minutes, depending on connection speeds.


  1. An Android handset with Android v2.2 Froyo or above.
  2. Instagram app downloaded from the Android App Market.
  3. Wi Fi or 3G connectivity.
  4. At least 20 MB of free storage space.


  1. Go to Google Play Store.
  2. Go to social apps and download Instagram. It is a free app.
  3. After installation, open the app.
  4. Select the “Sign Up” option and create a free account with the Instagram service. Be aware that registration of a new account can be done only through the Instagram app and not the Instagram website.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Why do I keep getting the error message “Picture too small”?

Solution : This perhaps the commonest of error messages received by the users of this app. Make sure that you are taking the picture with your primary camera and have set the camera resolution to the highest supported resolution. Also, try to avoid cropping the images too much.

Quick Tips and Facts

  1. The Instagram app is 16 MB in size. Users should make sure that they have enough amount of free space on their memory cards to download and install this app to fully enjoy photosharing with Instagram.
  2. Instagram used to be 12 MB in size but after the update, the size increased to 16 MB and it can now be installed on the memory card. It requires Android v2.2 (Froyo) to run on any Android device. Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social apps on the Google Play Store and has already crossed 5 million downloads.
  3. Instagram requires 20 Mb of total space, so it would be wise not to install it in the internal memory for obvious reasons.
  4. The application has been rated 4.5 and received a total of 53,000 reviews. It can be downloaded free of charge.
  5. The app supports pinch to zoom, and effects like blur, pan, tilt-shift (fake miniature) and all the effects can be seen in a live preview option).
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