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Surprise your teen with Hello Kitty beauty picks

Sephora, the creators of Hello Kitty, have definitely been inspired by the romantic and charming city of Paris, which is evident in their latest spring collection. The collection has a mix of both bright and light shades that can transform your looks by adding an element of dreamy romance and youthfulness. Here are the products from the Mon Amour collection designed for girls who wants to be a head turner this summer.

1. The Parisienne Palette

IParisienne Palette

The Parisienne Palette from Hello Kitty is a double-tiered box with the first palette tier concealing four summer eye Charmmy shadow colors: a matte blue/gray shadow, a matte bright purple, a glittery dark brown and a pearlized creamy beige shadow. The other palette tier entirely consists of a large blush in a pearlized medium pink shade. The cover of the palette has illustration of the magnificent Eiffel Tower along with the trademark Hello Kitty hair bow.

Cost: $36

But at: sephora.com

2. The Mon Amour Palette

Amour Palette

The Mon Amour Palette from Hello Kitty is available in a limited edition and you can purchase it from Sephora Stores only. The palette comes in the form of a hardcover book with pastel-shaded illustrations showing Hello Kitty holding a bunch of balloons in the city of Paris. The 3D balloons are actually the highlights as each balloon stands for the colors of the eye shadow and blush contained inside. The palette contains eight eye colors and two blush shades, so that you get a fine mix of both bright and soft shades. Once you open up the palette, you can see a big-sized mirror at the opposite side of the eye shadow, and blush colors for easy application when you’re on the go.


Buy at: sephora.com

3. The Mon Amour Brush Set

Brush Set

The Mon Amour Brush Set from Hello Kitty comprises of five different make-up brushes along with an adorable Hello Kitty container that is shaped like Hello Kitty with a shiny opalescent finishing. Now you can easily carry your must-have brushes such as a lip brush, an angled eyeliner brush, a shader/blending brush, an eye shadow brush and an eyeshadow brush, conveniently in your vanity case. The brushes are made of fine synthetic white bristles with pretty handles which add an element of romantic Paris.


Buy at: sephora.com

4. The Nail Clipper

Nail Clipper

This extremely cute nail clipper from Hello Kitty has the classic design engraved on its head. This handy clipper is a great add-on to your vanity for any quick manicures or pedicures. The wide grip of the stainless steel Hello Kitty clipper is perfect for precision trimming, and also reduces slipping.

Cost: $8

Buy at: sephora.com

5. The Mon Amour Compact Mirror

Compact Mirror

The Mon Amour Compact Mirror from Hello Kitty is made in the trademark Hello Kitty shape. The cover of the compact mirror is illustrated with the Parisian theme showing the Eiffel Tower and other places in Paris. The Mon Amour compact mirror is extremely portable and can be easily carried in your purse. The mirror nested the compact has a 3x magnification which is perfect for getting your touch-up done anytime and anywhere.

Cost: $19

Buy at: sephora.com

6. The Mon Amour Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag

The Mon Amour Makeup Bag from Hello Kitty is made out of a cute baby pink synthetic and silky material. The bag is illustrated with hearts, flowers and the Eiffel tower of Paris amongst other things. This gorgeous bag has pink tonal stripes along with cute ruffles that add to the romantic Parisian feel and also complement the golden hardware of the bag.

Cost: $29

Buy at: sephora.com

7. The Mon Amour nail file set

nail file set

The Mon Amour nail file set from Hello Kitty contains four nail files that are illustrated with whimsical Parisian illustrations showing Hello Kitty near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The colors used in the illustrations are inspired by delicious macaroons and are very pleasant. The nail filers all have a Hello Kitty head that looks very cute. So do keep a handy Hello Kitty Mon Amour File Set tucked inside your purse to guard you against those nail emergencies.

Cost: $10

Buy at: sephora.com

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