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The smart Bluetooth equipped brush

Ever since Bluetooth intruded the ever evolving and expanding compass of technology, wireless communication became easier to a considerable extent. With the due course of time, Bluetooth made its way into stuffs like thermometer and heart rate monitoring devices. So, don’t be surprised if you notice someone holding a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush! Developed by Beam Technologies, Bluetooth equipped brush is supported by a smart phone app that can monitor an individual’s dental hygiene and will also come up with details and solutions.

Bluetooth equipped brush

Geeky design and concept

You can easily connect this ‘toothbrush’ to your iPhone app or Android powered device. As a parent, it can prove to be an effective tool for you to track down the details of your child’s dental hygiene. You can also view your brushing details like the duration, to what extent it cleansed your teeth and the areas where you need to work upon to improve your oral health. The company has an ambitious plan of upgrading the toothbrush with sensors in coming times. Once done, the app would divulge a thorough detail of every portion of your teeth, how and to what extent its healthy.

Why is it great?

Once this application gets materialized, one can virtually forget about his appointments with the dentist. This toothbrush powered by Bluetooth can seamlessly detect, how long a person scrubs inside his mouth. What sounds interesting is, it can also play music along. Beam Technologies is also mulling to introduce a few game like features to reward users for maintaining good and healthy dental habits. Surely, it could be an immensely useful tool for parents who often lose sleep in ensuring their kid’s disciplined dental habit.

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Oral-B Professional Care 3000 Electric Toothbrush


The brush would cost $50 and the replaceable head is priced at $3.

Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr Prem Jagyasi

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Dr Prem Jagyasi
Dr Prem Jagyasi

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