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Maternity winter wardrobe essentials

Maternity winter wear

Many women find maternity a trying experience as they cannot find the right wardrobe essentials that suit them, let alone make them feel comfortable. Pregnant women are mostly at a loss when it comes to maternity wear. Are you an expectant mother who is trying to put together the best winter clothes for the coming season? Here is some sound advice of maternity winter wardrobe essentials:

1. Black tapered leg jeans or leggings

This could be the perfect winter attire for women who love to flaunt their baby bump in long sweaters or tunic tops. Pair it up with black leggings and you got it perfectly right! With shirts and blouses, you can try tapered jeans in black. Motherhood and Old Navy has some great styles at nominal rates.

2. Ruched tops with long sleeves

Long sleeves not just protect you from the harsh winter weather, but can also help you hide flabs in your arms. Long sleeves with ruched sides is a cost effective way to stay fashionable and also comfortable as your waist expands. The ruching at the sides helps in accommodating your belly as it grows. You can go for brighter shades which can be paired with your basic maternity jeans in shades of black or blue or sheer or solid color leggings. The advantage of a ruched top is that it can be worn all throughout your pregnancy due to its expandability.

3. Printed blouses with long sleeve

The long sleeve ensures enough warmth for your body and the printed blouse is just enough to add that extra spark and elegance to your winter wear. Printed blouses can be teamed up with jeans, skirts or leggings. To add a bit of professionalism to your look, throw in a cardigan or a blazer which will make your maternity wear workplace friendly as well.

4. Cowl neck tunic sweater

Cowl necks will never go out of style and have an evergreen and old world charm about them. Cowl neck tunic sweaters can be paired with leggings or jeans. Add boots to create a stylish profile that is at once understated, yet modern. Another reason to choose cowl necks is that they help in balancing your figure by evening out the effect of a protruding tummy.

5. Oversized cardigan

Oversized cardigans are perfect for hiding your very pregnant silhouette any time you prefer. They go along well with all kinds of bottom wear and can be worn over your normal attire. As they are loose and snug fitting, they can be worn throughout your pregnancy and even after that. Cardigans are a must if you are planning a quick change of dress as after a party or a professional meeting.

6. Faux fur vest

Faux fur vests give you a luxurious look and the fact that they are deeply textured will help in balancing your tummy. Just make sure that you go for big collared styles that help in the balancing act. They may not be a great option if you are short and very heavy as the fur can make you look very fat as well, apart from keeping you warm and cosy.

7. Peacoat

Peacoats are very versatile garments that can be used for a variety of occasions. They can be worn over a casual shirt to get ready for a professional occasion. They are also perfect for formal events. The buttoned front panel in a peacoat can be left open as your tummy grows and requires more room for comfort.

8. Layered and flowing tops

The best thing about a layered top is that it is very feminine and helps you camouflage your baby bump for as long as you want. These tops can be teamed with a jacket or a blazer to stay warm and fashionable at the same time. The layering also helps in keeping the silhouette.

9. Tank tops

This may not be your idea of a winter wear, but tank tops are great for layering and can add that extra layer of warmth to your body. Use them under jackets, sweaters, shirts or cardigans. Since they are fitted, they do not add volume to your already expanding figure and hence a good way to keep things warm and simple.

10. Printed stoles and scarves

Last but not the least, printed stoles, scarves and shawls are multipurpose accessories that can be used in a number of ways. They can pep up any simple outfit. Make sure you choose the right print though. They can also be worn long after you have given birth.

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