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Keep guests screaming with Halloween's scary movie night


Halloween which is celebrated on 31st October is unique with its different themes. Halloween is the fantastic occasion to offer a memorable time. The themes commonly are trick or treating, carving jack o lanterns and costume parties, apple bobbing and bonfires, visiting haunted places, telling scary stories and the most loved thing is watching horror, scary movies. Try these ideas for your scary movie Halloween night and be the super host. All you have to do is to have some snacks, some enthusiastic friends’ and a bit of imagination. Invite your friends with creative invitations saying ‘Happy Halloween’. Informally write the venue and timing. Encourage them for costumes as well!

1. Selecting the movie

Scary Movie

Select the movie according to the audience choice. Consider if the party is going to include children. Then pick one PG films with a spooky plot. But if party includes only adults then you will have ample of choices. Narrow down the options with including an ‘RSVP’ requests with the invites that lists five or six movie selections. Choose top two movies according to guests’ choices and rent those ones. Choose the creepy movie that makes your guests snuggle to the pillows

2. Welcome guests

Cut out the big piece of paper like some ‘1 x4’ and print down the name and the name of the movie as well as the show times. Use the dark paper and put the name and show time in the glittery or a white marker so you can see it in dim lights also. Take out some stickers, tattoos, scary masks as the guests arrive. Grab bags are also good to say your guests welcome. Buy some standard bags and decorate them with Halloween stickers, pictures and also drop some candy in the bag. Bring out goodie bag and give as a parting gift. Everyone will leave with the smile on their face.

3. Create a scary atmosphere

As this isn’t a classic Halloween punch, it doesn’t mean hosts can go away with beautifications. So, set out those jack o lanterns and creepy window shapes in the form of bats and ravens. Save little money on electricity and go dim to create the aura using only candles to glow the rooms that guests will be using. Be sure to give plenty of seating and set out stacks of blankets and relaxing pillows so guests can cuddle up and turn away their eyes during the truly scary views.

4. Comfort of food

Halloween delights

Party should be as comfy as possible, use a small time to store some delicious delights for them to chew on after they have settled in front of the TV. Snacks should be moveable, so join with easy cooking that they can take into the living room on little dishes or bowls.

a. Popcorn is all time classic. Mix things up a little and set out listings of toppings for everybody to decide from and have a contest to see who can appear up with the greatest tasting recipe. Assorted nuts, Parmesan cheese, Italian seasoning, sugar, crushed red pepper flakes, cinnamon and cocoa powder are all fun toppings. This is a possibility for everybody to truly use their thoughts and attempt something that they may not have thought of.

b. Halloween finger sandwiches are a great diversion when the chain saw exerting maniac begins his hunt. Cut meat, bread, and cheese into spooky forms using cookie scissors and collect as typical. Rye or pumpernickel is great for bat patterns, white or sourdough is good for ghosts!

Buy some standard bags and decorate them with Halloween stickers, pictures and also drop some candy in the bag. Bring out goodie bag and give it as a parting gift. Everyone will leave with a smile on their face. The idea is to make a comfy yet spooky mood for guests and when opening with invitations and ending with exceptional goodie bags; this creepy movie night will be the theme of chat till next Halloween season.

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