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Family is a term that refers to an environment consisting of parents and children who live in close proximity. It is a relation in which parent’s behavior affects children and vice versa. So, it is imperative for everybody in the family to behave properly and as per the expectations of each other if you want happiness to prevail in your family. Some children are lucky enough to have been born and brought up in a family where two loving parents took care of them.

On the other hand, some children are kind of unlucky to have seen their parents split and thereafter grown under single parenthood. It is a known fact that children always model their parents, so it is parent’s responsibility to exhibit positive and good behavior in front of their children. Parents can always take help and do research regarding how to make their family a good and a happy family. Similarly, if children feel ignored or they get irritated by the over-protective nature of their parents, they can read about and consult others about how to deal with their parents while maintaining cordial relation with each other. Parents should instill moral values and ethics in their children right from their childhood, and make sure that they themselves portray those values and ethics in their behavior as well.

Make your parenthood rejoicing: Things to do

Nurturing children and catering to all their needs can be challenging for you as parents. Parenthood can make you feel ineffective and lost sometimes. But amidst this exhaustion and depression you can find reasons to rejoice and enjoy parenthood. Every mi

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10 Hot spots for family vacations in 2012

Vacations help us to create nostalgic memories with our families. This is the time we cherish forever in our lives. Thus, it becomes important to choose the right holiday destination. Here is the list of top 10 hot spots for family vacations in 2012.1. B

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Is homeschooling your child a good idea?

Homeschooling is also known as home based learning or home education. It can be defined as the education of children by their parents or by tutors at home, rather than in a private or public school. Homeschooling is gaining popularity in many countries li

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Family travel: Spring trip to San Francisco

San Francisco ranks among one of the top tourist destinations in the world. This financial capital is home to many sights and sounds that draws visitors from far and wide. Known for landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Chinatown, San Francisco has an

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Busy Moms: Make-up on the go

Usually moms like to spare a few minutes from their busy schedule in preparing themselves for the day. Looking comfortable and confident are essential factors for managing a busy life. But during morning mania, moms hardly get time to up-do their make-up.

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