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Despite having 7 kids , Carey Couple opted for Foster Parenting


Foster Parenting is indeed a great gesture. Any one can be an ideal parent for his / her own kids, but showering the same amount of love, affection, care and warmth on a child that you know is not your own is one real test of your parenthood. Carey residents Craig and Betty Adamson are examples of one such parent.

With a simple aim of doing some good in the world the couple opted for foster parenting. They have seven kids of their own, but still felt like making the lives of other kids worth living. Therefore the couple signed up for a state-funded foster parenting program held in Burley, called Pride Training, that covers a whole host of topics.

“We learned about everything from discipline to empathizing with kids to learning how to deal with hyperactivity and behavioral problems, and they even brought in police, a judge, an attorney, and a prosecutor to demonstrate how they run a kid through the system,” Craig said.

With calamities like last years tsunami or earthquakes or for that matter the meth epidemic on the rise in Idaho, there emerge continuous need of foster parents, who can embrace these orphan kids as their own and make their lives better. Today around 25 people are parts of their pride training class in Burley.

People from all walks of life…a lawyer, surgeons or welders who have one common interest: to give home to countries most precious asset, homeless kids.

“The ultimate goal of the system is to find the children a safe place to be, preferably with a relative,” Betty said.
With an aim of bringing a difference in the life of large number of children who are rendered homeless due to multitudes of reasons, I think the couple is indeed doing a great service to society. Even I personally feel that, if you have means and a heart full of zest to make someone’s life beautiful then you must be a foster parent.

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