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8 Crazy worries during pregnancy

Crazy worries during pregnancy

You’re not crazy. You’re just pregnant which can actually make you feel just a little crazy. Worry is one of the most common complaints of pregnancy, affecting more expectant women. For some women, pregnancy means 40 weeks of worrying. If you’re having a hard time deciphering what’s safe and what’s not, take a look at some of these common fears and find out what’s really of concern and merely myth lies.

1. Will I harm my baby by swimming or doing physical exercise in a gym?

Will I harm my baby by swimming or doing physical exercise in a gym?

Yes, pregnancy is not a time for yoga exercise! But experts say that it’s always safe to do light exercise because, a healthy mom is what a baby needs. Exercise does wonders for you during pregnancy. It helps to prepare you for child birth by strengthening your muscles and building endurance and swimming is ideal as it works on each and every muscle in your body. It also acts as stress buster. But keep in mind that your movements shouldn’t lead to drastic changes in your baby’s position.

2. It will change my sexual life!

It will change my sexual life!

Many women start thinking that they might hurt the baby by having sex. No way! Despite what you may think, your baby cannot feel when you have intercourse. It is safe to have sex during pregnancy unless there is spotting or bleeding during it. You just need to take safe postures to make the sex more pleasurable. Many women also feel that their husbands will not love or pamper them any more, rather they will see them as a milk-stained moms.

3. Will I have a miscarriage?

Will I Have a Miscarriage?

Nearly every pregnant woman worries about miscarriage. Some women experience spotting or bleeding during pregnancy which leads to the fear in most of them of having miscarriage. But there is nothing to panic about these spotting or bleeding as it is due to various changes that take place in your body during the early stage of your pregnancy. But there are steps you can take to minimize this risk:

a. Do regular exercise and eat a balanced diet.
b. Cut down on stress.
c. Take daily parental vitamins.
d. Avoid harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol.
e. Check with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter medications.
f. Limit or eliminate caffeinated drinks.
g. Avoid environmental hazards (radiation, infectious disease, X-rays).
h. Don’t participate in contact sports or activities that involve risk.

4. No phone calls!

No phone calls!

Yes, they are safe. Some women think that talking on the phone during pregnancy might harm her baby. Phones emit nonionizing radiations like televisions or ovens. Many precautions can be taken like using land lines or headsets if available and limiting talk on mobile phones to short conversations.

5. Good bye to social networking or computer!

Good bye to social networking or computer!

No, it’s not like that ladies. You don’t need to stay away from your computer as it also emits nonionizing radiation so it is safe and no harm will be caused to the growing baby. But you should keep an eye on the following points:
a. Over use of computers can cause postural problems, which will make you very uncomfortable during pregnancy.
b. Taking regular breaks in between and learn work ergonomics.

6. Will hair treatments hurt my baby?

Will Hair Treatments Hurt My Baby?

You can do it. It’s safe. Clearly, the chemicals in both permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes are not highly toxic. These chemicals have been around a long time and research shows they do not cause defects in newborns. And if you use the colors safely, using gloves and not leaving solutions on for a long period of time, then it would not absorb much of the chemicals into your system. So you can use them with proper precautions.

7. Embarrassing things happen to me during labor!

Embarrassing Things Happen to Me during Labor!

Do I have a bowel movement during labor? I’m scared! Having bowel movement is actually quite normal, it happens because the baby needs all the room to come out and it will clear anything in its path. What happens if I have to walk out of the shower in my delivery room completely nude on the lower half? Many women might feel shy about donning just a hospital gown in front of people they’ve never met before! But the truth is, the hospital staff and your healthcare provider have seen it all before.

8. Should I consume caffeine or not?

Should i consume caffeine or not?

Yes, you can. Experts have found that moderate levels of caffeine have no negative effect on pregnancy and it has not been proven to cause any birth defects. However, it is good to reduce the consumption of caffeine because of its withdrawal effects. Caffeine is not only found in coffee but also in tea, soda, chocolate and even some over-the-counter medications that relieve headaches. So be aware of what you consume.

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