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10 best baby monitors

Baby monitors

Having a baby monitor set up in your baby’s rooms gives you a reassurance that your baby is safe even while you are not next to him/her. Going by the sounds you hear from the microphone in your baby’s room, you can keep a check, if your baby needs attention. A baby monitor also known as baby alarm, has a radio system that is used to listen to sounds made by an infant remotely. The transmitter is equipped with a microphone, and this is placed near the child while the receiver which is equipped with a speaker, is near to, or carried by the care taker. Some baby monitors have provision for a two-way communication allowing the caregiver to speak back to the baby. Some also allow music to be played to the baby. Following is a list of 10 best baby monitors available in the market.

1. Baby monitor by BT


The baby monitor by BT has a pacifier which projects a starry light show with lullabies which can surely calm your baby. It has temperature sensor and alarm settings, parents can also record their voice to playback later to their baby. This product also has a feature to play mp3.

2. Baby monitor by Motorola- MPB30


This baby monitor would be very handy for parents with twins as it has a split screen which would enable the caretaker to see both the babies simultaneously. With it’s excellent sound quality and infrared system you would have a great security sense and peace of mind.

3. Baby monitor by Philips- Avent DECT SCD 520

Philips Avent  DECT SCD 520

This great all rounder, enables you to talk to your baby through the handset, and it claims no interference with any other device in your baby’s bedroom. It can also be used in power saving mode and simultaneously monitors the temperature in the room. It has a range of 330 m belt clip and cord so that you can always be mobile in and around your house.

4. Baby monitor by TOMMEE TIPPEE:


This baby monitor has a sensor pad which can be put under your baby’s mattress. An alarm goes off if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. You can set this in your baby’s room if your house is big and you want to cover a range of 300m. It is a very handy baby monitor as it would track your baby’s movements every second.

5. Baby monitor by CHICCO


This is a wireless video monitor from CHICCO which has a large 2inch color screen. This device serves as infrared video camera too in your baby’s room which also works in the dark. Its night light reassures your baby throughout.

6. Baby monitor by SAMSUNG:


This smart light weight Samsung SEW-3035 has a pocket-sized monitor. It also allows you to record videos and save images. What more, you can also share the videos and photo through social networking sites through this monitor! This is an amazing piece to put up in case you are a tech savvy person.

7.Baby monitor by ANGELCARE


This ultra cool baby monitor by Angelcare has a touch screen display. It provides HD video recording and an amazing sound clarity. It also has an under-the-mattress sensor pad that would intimate you when there is no movement observed for sometime from the baby. This is an added advantage, especially if you have an infant to take care of.

8.Baby monitor by TOMY


The most simplest and classy baby monitor is the one from Tomy. Having covered all the basics that a baby monitor has to perform, it is very reliable. It also features a night light and an out of range alarm goes off, if the baby is not within the range of the device.

9. Baby monitor by LEAPFROG


This highly advanced baby monitor has a baby feed timer so that you can conveniently keep track of your baby’s feeds. With a huge back light display and a room temperature monitor, you can set the lower and upper limit to be alerted. The parent unit comes equipped with a torch. With this sophisticated monitor installed in your baby’s room, you can move about your house and at the same time be aware of times that your baby might need you.

10. Baby monitor by LINDAM


With 120 automatically selected channels for interference-free monitoring, this interesting digital baby monitor gives a pin sharp sound transmission, it can be operated two ways. You can talk back to your baby and reassure her of your presence. With the baby monitor installed, you can move around your house without having to be present with your baby all day long.

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