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PETA’s unethical treatment of advertising


How a great message is being shattered by silly, naked treatment of communication?PETA ads often nakedly find their ways to global attention. But, whether they could make a considerable influence on the social psyche to act against animosity towards animals is a question.

PETA loves animals so much. They stand for the rights of animals. But, they often forget about the basic rights of human beings, particularly of women. That is why they make old women to wear cabbage dress. That is why they make the lettuce clad playboy babes to sell vegg dogs. That is why they put women in a cage to grab some attention. All they want is attention, more good if it is notoriety.

A few examples

They made an 82-old woman to wear some freaky cabbage-dress
cabage dress

In an ‘unusual’ advertising effort, PETA made someone wear…fresh (?) cabbage.

PETA makes Cloris Leachman wear cabbage. Don’t you know Cloris Leachman? She is an Oscar-winning actress (for 1971’s The Last Picture Show) and now she is 82-years-old. She ‘’sang and joked her way through the entire day” of the shoot, according to PETA. May be she was so happy to take part in this rare event.

They invented a new day and made leafy vegetables go crazy


PETA is shedding some animal tears. They invented a new day- National Veggie Dog Day. As part of the celebration, they have hired Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole.

PETA is always making some women imitate Mrs. Adam. Earlier, they have made Cloris Leachman to wear a cabbage dress. This time the lettuce-clad Jayde Nicole distributed “dogs” to politicians and passersby, and reminded each person that “the best way to safeguard your health, reduce your carbon footprint, save animals’ lives, and look your very best is to go vegetarian.”

However, there may be few others who believe that stripping hot babes alive is also a sin.

For the sake of animals, they made fun of women and fat people

peta fat
A billboard in Florida that showed an obese woman with the phrase, “Save the whales. Lose the blubber: Go vegetarian,” courted controversy. Many say that PETA pokes fun at women and overweight people.

As an Indian version of atrocity, they chained a less known Indian actress
img 6bmjd 22619

The cabbage victim. The lettuce victims. The billboard victims (who are mainly women and fat people), now here is a victim form India. Sherlyn Chopra (she is an actress, don’t remember any films) expresses her animal love for PETA, and partially makes herself nude.

This time, it’s about circus cruelty. PETA India is trying to express its concern about circus animal abuse in India. Here, Chopra poses with a whip next to the tagline “Whips and Chains Belong in the Bedroom, Not in the Circus”. The headline doesn’t make a perfect sense to a person like me who has a limited IQ.

When Naomi Campbell decided to wear fur than go naked, we thought it will be a shock treatment




Truth is often naked. But here, truth comes clad in fur. 15 years ago, PETA made Naomi Campbell to declare- I would rather go naked than wear fur. It seems that the old lady has forgotten her ‘bold’ declaration.

The 39-year-old has been signed up as the face of designer Dennis Basso and she wears luxurious coats made from Russian sable.
You may not have forgotten the naked stunt in which she posed with four other supermodels in a high-profile anti-fur ad for PETA. see the image.
img4 kdhww 22619

She can forget easily, she does not have to care about ‘ethical treatment to animals’ or ethics. Money will do the talking.

But, we are wrong!

They are not in a mood to learn anything from the Naomi Campbell shock.

After that Naomi Campbell shock, if you think that PETA will be more conscious with it’s ‘I would rather go naked’ stuff, you are wrong. This time the latest victim is from Russia- Karina Smirnoff.

PETA made the Dancing With the Stars fame to strip down for its latest naked celebrity ad and makes her declare- I’d rather dance naked than wear fur.

Okey. Elegant steps at first glance. Let Smirnoff continue with her animal love. Let she not do a Naomi Campbell.

They appointed hot Pamela Anderson as an airport security cop to strip the travellers off their cruel clothes

Pamela Anderson is not like Naomi Campbell. She is a real animal lover. This is another creative stupidity from PETA, using this ’staunch’ animal lover Pamela Anderson.

This commercial for the UK division of PETA presents Pamela Anderson as an airport security cop who checks travelers and strips them of their ‘animal skins’ like fur, belt and bags. The last scene shows two hot couple coming like Adam and Eve, and the happiness of Pamela when seeing them. When the commercial ends with a symbolic scene of their bare buttocks and Pamela’s face, the message appears- ‘Cruelty Doesn’t Fly’

Husbands beware! PETA targets even the housewives
img ggwwk 28802

PETA’s innovative, naked stupidity efforts continued. Example- a real housewife abandons her cruel clothes and exposes her naked body kindly to the New Yorkers. Bethenny Frankel is that kind housewife whose topless image climbed the top of the New York skyscraper.

PETA, as usual, is saying that this housewife is a ‘reformed fur-wearer’. ! Bethenny has stripped down to say, “Fur? I’d Rather Go Naked’’

PETA banks on porn stars, attacks tiger


This time PETA’s prey is none other than Tiger Woods, who is being haunted by the ghost of (sexual) controversies. I am sorry. PETA has used the image of Tiger Woods in their new advertising stupidity, indeed without his consent.(they were forced to back off, though)

PETA even doesn’t consider that at least there is a ‘Tiger’ in his name. But one different aspect is that Tiger Wood is not naked. But the tagline says it all- Too much sex can be a bad thing.

The ‘effort’ ostensibly advocates the spaying and neutering of pets.

the ironic fact is that PETA used porn stars Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson for this purpose, and they did tell us the same thing.

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