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Oh, Axe Effect! (List of naughty print ads for Axe)


All the women run after you to sexually devour you. That will be, to be honest, an embarrassingly secret dream for any straight man. Axe effect banked on this amorously secret and evidently impossible dream of men, and churned out a new breed of advertising strategy. Amorously funny and insanely creative. This advertising strategy for Axe has always been so. Some may feel that these ads are vulgar exaggeration of substandard sex, and some may feel that these ads are degrading to women. Here is a list of naughty print advertisements for Axe.

It can happen anywhere! axe Women are flexible for the Axe-showered men. Anywhere, anytime. The sexy mark of steering wheel is an ample proof for this. LOL. Happy Valentines day axe v Well, for Axe- showered men, every day is a Valentines day. This copy-oriented mischief was developed by Lintas Sinful ladies axe confess1 It seems that only women are doing more sins and these ladies are patiently waiting in queue to confess. Long-lasting, but stinking axe grave These ladies are mischievously digging a grave of sinful passions. It is funny, but it stinks. Isn’t it? Fragrance of sin axe nun Temptation comes through the noses. Ridiculously funny and controversial. Work for it! axe toilet These naughty Axe stickers show a woman climbing up to the men’s restrooms. Axe floor plan axefloorplan By the grace of Axe, the bathroom should be more spacious. This odd floor plan was designed by Lowe MENA Eye of appetite chekhimout uae What can we see from these eye which peeps through the keyhole? Indeed, a naughty reflection of desire for the Axe-showered men. Plug it plugitscrewitsharpenitsaudiarabia2 Plug it! Ariel view of Axe effect!preview Axe-effect is spreading! Long lasting Axe-effect preview 600 423 After a monotonously long time sans the smell of ladies, this guy is at last lucky to get some fun. Thanks to the long-lasting Axe-effect. More fun for Tarsan! preview 600 424 So, the wild, horny hero is having more fun with more ladies. Developed by BBH ASIA PAC. Fallen Angel preview 600 439 Oh, angels fall from their heavenly abode, desperately hungry for the Axe-showered men. Naughty teacher preview 600 444 The group photo shows the naught effect of Axe deodorant on a lady teacher. Wicked humor from LOWE BULL, SOUTH AFRICA Make ladies wash your car preview 600 849 So, Axe helps you to make ladies do wash your car. This ad has been developed by VEGAOLMOSPONCE, ARGENTINA. Fall for it theblogger12324

Lot of naughty things happens in this video library.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi

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