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Advertising has become one of the most vital parts of the modern market, as it helps promote any service or product. If business is a vehicle, then advertising is a fuel and a vehicle cannot run without fuel. It is a life of a business, which provides stability to the business. Advertising is used to convey the message of a particular brand directly to consumers through various media. We can do marketing through radio, television broadcast, newspapers, magazine space and online advertisement. Advertising is a best way to launch a new product and service in the market. It is useful, if done using proper media, at the right place, within a specific time.
This will help increase the sales by attracting more customers. Advertising helps in announcing an upcoming event of a particular brand or company. It is comparatively least expensive method to promote a brand or product. It also involves digital advertising, which uses internet to express the motive of the company to its customers. Social media networking, including E-mails and search engine marketing, recognized as the most effective medium of marketing because of its global visibility, is the major element of online advertising.

11 Free Marketing Tools for the Savvy Marketer

A digital marketer uses many tools to market their campaigns via email, content, social media and much more. Most of these require a budget that sometimes does not justify ROI? But there some great free marketing tools which might give ...

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Lessons to learn from Etihad’s latest ad campaign

Going global may sound lucrative but it increases the responsibility of a brand manifold. An international brand has to appeal to people of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. It has to consider the local culture and language of consumers. Most ...

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Understanding Online Advertising and its Types

Advertising is an essential part of marketing as it helps to promote any service or product. It makes the use of internet to deliver motive and marketing messages to its customers. Social media networking, E-mails, and search engine marketing are ...

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