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How to deal with stupid people at work

Stupid people at work are annoying and hamper the natural flow of work. These difficult people may be strict at their views and they may refuse to collaborate. One cannot just hide from such people. A relevant solution needs to be chalked out to deal with these stupid people at work.

Be calm

Sometimes one can encounter people who frustrate tremendously and make one feel like jumping around the room and pulling one’s hair. They also compel people to scream at the top of their voices. These types of frustrating people are termed as stupid people. Losing one’s temper is not a feasible solution to tackle with such people. One need to be sure that the stupid person will be affected by this anger and will be forced to take some action. It should be used consciously as a strategy to move him/her to action. It is always recommended to maintain your calm . A calm person is always seen as a controlled and a centered personality. Such a person is more respected by the society. A calm personality is always preferred to work with as compared to those who are short tempered. This is because; the stupid person will also get attracted to such a tranquil person if his stupid acts don’t make a difference to the calm person.

Understand the stupid person’s intentions

It is true that no one behaves like a stupid person just for the sake of being a stupid person. There is always some intention on behaving in such a manner and being so difficult at work. It is indeed very laborious to tackle such personalities but it is not really impossible. There are always some underlying reasons which encourage these stupid people to be this way. This reason is very difficult to find out. One must try to find out what all trigger’s the person into action. For instance, what is making him/her behave in such a manner? What is stopping him/her from cooperating? The more important part is to meet the needs of this stupid person and resolve the situation. Understanding the needs and requirements of the stupid person is very essential to deal with him / her.

Get some perspective from experienced people

It is very likely that some of your friends, colleagues or managers must have faced a similar situation in some way or the other. Their views to such situations will be from a different angle and they will be able to provide suggestions to tackle with such stupid people. It is true that experience speaks and hence in this circumstance, the experienced person will be the right one to chalk out a solution to deal with a stupid person at work. One must approach to these people and narrate the entire story and get suggestions from them. One may never know that the experienced person’s advice may work wonders.

Treat the stupid person with respect

With computers and emails, works eventually turn out to be a mechanical process. One needs to re-instill the human touch by interacting with colleagues at personal level. Eating out with them will be a helpful idea. One needs to delve into their personal lives and learn about their hobbies, families and make strong bonds with them. Nobody likes to be treated as a stupid. If one treats a person with disrespect then it is very likely that the person will behave in the same manner as well. It is correctly said that “do unto other as you would want them to do unto you”. If the stupid person is given respect then he / she will be compelled to reciprocate in the same manner. This will in turn make it easy for people to deal with stupid people at work.

The last option- ignore

Even after trying all the above mentioned strategies, if the stupid person at work is still not receptive then the best way is to ignore him/her. Now, that person is beyond control and is not tolerable. He/she must be simply ignored. One should interact with such stupid people only when it is very much required, otherwise you can ignore them. This interaction in some cases cannot be avoided if the stupid person plays a major role in one’s work. Eventually when every other solution fails, one must escalate to a higher authority for help and suggestions.

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